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Hi! I'm Karin Roest, the Founder of Purposely Famous. We’re on a mission to redefine FAME in a positive way to help Purposeful people take the lead to change the world. Purposely Famous provides the guidance, inspiration, and tools for YOU to be create success on your own terms. Combined with a commitment to be authentic and never settle for less, we believe you can achieve our dreams--Purposefully.

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Forget About Trashy Celebrities and Reality TV Stars That Ruin the Word “Fame” For All of Us. That is Not You. Your Purpose is Bigger Than That!

You can be empty and full of fame, or full of purpose and be famous for creating a legacy. These are two different things.

Fame means that you have more visibility, which gives you more authority and more demand for you…and selling and helping people becomes much easier.

Ultimately it’s about solving people’s problems, creating more happiness and fulfillment, and being responsible about how we earn and spend our money.

On the deepest level, it’s the kind of impact that changes all of humanity for the better.


Life has to be more than pure monotony. Connect to a higher purpose... yours and ours, and together we'll leave a legacy that lasts!

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And had a proven step-by-step system to follow that helps you streamline your story, life lessons, skills, and gifts into a simple signature system that allows you to 10x your income and have more free time, while being adventurous and making a social impact.

Isn’t it time to discover what it really takes to join the ranks of the top influencers, thought leaders, coaches, speakers, authors, experts, and visionaries that change the world… NOW?

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