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  1. I always had a problem with worrying about other people – others people’s business success, other people’s lives, other people’s opinions of me. And this worrying always put me in a state of depression and disappointment in my own life.
    It wasn’t until I realized other people’s business and lives are none of my business that I started being happy in my own life and business. I started to enjoy what I was doing.
    Thank you for allowing me to share.

    1. Thank YOU for sharing, Trina! It’s great that you have such a big heart, but sometimes we have to let others learn their own lessons. That can be hard to swallow when you see how other’s can do better but they don’t do see it yet. In those kinds of cases, the best thing to do is lead by example of taking care of yourself first so they see how it’s done! Warmly, Karin

  2. Listening to your story made me realize that I have so many stories in my life, Don’t know where to start.

    So I will start with the one where I heard a huge door get locked and bolted behind me. Standing there holding my suitcase realizing that I actually felt safe for the first time in months. Despite being 3 months pregnant I felt calm. A friendly-looking grey-haired woman that was a nurse on the ward took my hand and led me down a long hall to my room.
    I was being locked in a ward in a local Mental Hospital because I was seeing things as my abusive husband had so mentally beaten me down that I had just said yes to this. Little did I know at that time that the next 5 months would create a huge turning point in my life.
    Looking back now I can feel myself rising from the ashes of an old life and acknowledge myself as a hero finally being willing to speak up and say no more.
    There is obviously a lot more to this story but being able to look at this from the perspective of a HERO allows a great inner strength to emerge within.
    Thanks for this Karin.

    1. Oh my dear Janet! You are such a brave woman. Yes, people need to hear your story AND how you’ve become so strong. Thank you so much for sharing. Your stories…start by making a list of the most memorable ones, the best and the worst. Stay in touch with me and I’ll help you put them in order. Be sure to share the TRANSFORMATION you’ve had, not just the bad stuff. So proud of you. We need you.

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