10 Replies to “There Isn’t A Shortage Of Money In The World…So When Are You Gonna Get Your Fair Share Of It?”

  1. Hi Karin,

    I love your posts. Keep up the transformative content.

    Content Request – What are your thoughts about…

    EXTREME FAME ANXIETY: for people who dread the creeps, trolls & even the legitimate physical dangers of popping your head up as a celebrity in this weird, violent, and vicious paradigm. How do you find peace with giving up the peace of anonymity for a mere chance of building a successful brand?

    1. HI Max, You ask an important question that many people have or are too afraid to ask 🙂 We step up and stand out NOT to build a successful brand, but to share a message, wisdom, skills, stories, or talents that bring peace to MORE people than ourselves. The brand, company, and all that stuff are necessary byproducts of the deeper meaning behind it. If you bulletproof your mindset with your purpose, core values, and reasons that are bigger than yourself…the criticism from other people will bounce off of you as they should. Warmly, Karin

  2. Love this video. I know I have money blocks about what I offer and it is TIME TO UPLEVEL my expectations of what to attract into my life. Thanks for your brillance on this topic.

    1. HI Janet, so glad you liked it! Being truthful with yourself is so important. This awareness alone should give you confidence that you’ll get to where you want to go, so keep educating yourself and work on shedding the old, outdated thoughts you have about money. Riches of all kinds are bound to come in the future sooner than later then. Hugs, Karin

  3. Great presentation. When I was working on my PhD in intercultural theology I wanted to write my thesis on Jesus’ teaching on wealth and how only those who give everything away and follow him can enter the Kingdom of God. At the time I discussed my theories and reflections about how some rich people could do just that, but many well-respected theologians insisted that only the literally poor can enter the Kingdom of God. My belief is that only The Poor in Spirit can. You are inspiring me to go back to those studies and write that thesis after all.

    1. Hi Nylda, we need to be inspired in order to take action, so everything is unfolding in the right time! I know many people who have been in your same spot, and following your intution as you are is the right step and your broader view will help many more people in the future 🙂

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