2 Replies to “5 Steps to Create Your SUPERHERO Master Plan”

  1. When you said that the big corporations don’t guess, they research – they do the work to ensure that their investment in marketing works. You really helped me realize something that should have been more obvious. I really can’t imagine Coca-Cola “just winging it.” Thanks for this clarification.

    I also love the tip about bringing an element of transformation & charity to our brands.

    1. Hi Max – YES! So glad you get these very important concepts. Too often entrepreneurs and visionaries are NOT taught these things by our mentors. I know it’s not glamorous either, BUT being thorough like this will bullet proof your success.

      And Transformation & Charity – Yep! The best businesses today bring in a full 360 degree of providing a needed service, transformation AND giving! 🙂 Best, Karin

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