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7 Reasons Why the World Needs You to Be Famous, Make Money And Run A Business With Purpose

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" - Andy Warhol, Artist

My question to you is:
What will you do with it…and how will you make it meaningful and last a lifetime?

EMPTY fame is a serious global problem. But that is not you. You are more valuable than that.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re meant to do more with your life and want to make an impact on the world, becoming famous just might be your destiny.

Seriously. It most likely is.

Whether you’ve always wanted to be famous or if you don’t care about it but like to help other people, I’m just going to say it…

The world needs you to be famous.

But don’t worry. This is not your ego talking. It’s not even about you…but something so much bigger.

Let me explain that there is more than one kind of fame…and I want you to have the “good” kind.

The word fame often gets a bad rap. Trashy reality TV stars or Hollywood celebrity meltdowns can seem to ruin it for all of us. It may seem like the world of the “famous” is filled with shallow and egotistical people vying for their 15 minutes in the spotlight, but it is not… Especially when you see fame for what it truly can be.

Coaches, mentors, and gurus may call it, “Having more visibility”, “making an impact”, “increasing your influence.” But, in the end, being famous is the same thing.

So if you…

  • Have an idea that would challenge the status quo...
  • Have wisdom, skills, or passions that you know would bring others joy, but don’t know how to share them...
  • Aren’t sure exactly which path to follow, what resources to use, or aren’t sure which guru to believe….
  • Truly believe that you have something valuable to bring to the world but have no idea how…

But, you felt that if you just knew what to do and had a proven path to follow, one that celebrities and the most influential people in the world already took, then you could reach a wider audience…

Then keep on reading, because this is EXACTLY for you.

We need more authentic people to become “widely known” (Webster’s dictionary definition of fame).

But the reason for this is the most important.

We need people with a vision of fame that lets them step up to reach their highest potential and use it for the greater good.

Everyone Is Born With a Purpose That Can Change The World, But Not Enough People Use It for Good

The 1st kind of fame: Empty fame is superficial, materialistic, and ruins reputations and good intentions

The 2nd kind of fame: Purposeful fame is meaningful, has integrity, and brings more value and goodwill to the world

Hi, I’m Karin Roest.

After growing up shy in a small farm town…I never would’ve imagined that I could work with some of the most influential and famous people in the world.

I’ve had the honor of working behind the scenes as a celebrity talent scout and producer to Grammy Award Winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, New York Times Bestselling authors, highly paid TED talk speakers, and award winning philanthropists and journalists.

I worked tirelessly to help these inspirational people inspire others and make millions… from getting them their chewing gum and chauffeurs to negotiating their multi-million dollar contracts.

Sometimes I got too wrapped up in the glitz and glam of the celebrity world, but in the end, I learned firsthand that the accomplishments that you put on a resume or website can never fulfill you completely.

Trust me.

It wasn’t for me, or for famous people to move from being another “one hit wonder” celebrity into becoming someone A-LIST famous for a good purpose.

I’ve fallen hard before…I’ve been broke for most of my life, I’ve snuck in and out of war zones, and been robbed of my confidence, but I didn’t let it stop me.

There are an endless number of areas to master to truly reach your fullest potential, and you are capable of doing so one step at a time. From knowing who you are, to gaining confidence in yourself, learning how to recover faster and get back up again after failing, and become a savvy and assertive professional yet an empathic confidant…are just a few.

So when the haters come and tell you you’re not smart enough or good enough too (and they will come!), you’ll know that you’re worth more than that and keep going towards your goals too.

I started traveling after University... to find my birth parents in South Korea, then moved on to Kenya, Sudan, Cuba, Brazil...and reached travelling to my 40th country in the blink of an eye.

I wasn’t rich or successful, just a young person that wanted to see the world. It was meeting people from different backgrounds, being welcomed into their homes, sometimes being in danger along with the locals. Those experiences taught me that there are so many ways to do things and there is so much in the world that can be changed.

It’s okay to have glitz and glamour, but this is about sharing your voice, wisdom, and skills about something more meaningful that spreads more goodwill to those need it.

I saw that people around the world have similar aspirations and get the same little joys out of life as I did. Everyone deserves to reach their dreams, not just celebrities. Some of us have been afforded opportunities that most people around the world only dream of.

But the reality is that if you don’t have your basic needs taken care of, if you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from, or feel like you haven’t achieved your dreams yet, you will be worried about surviving and won’t be able to drop everything to help people on a large scale.

So we’ve got to start by helping help yourself and make YOU a priority again.

Because I’ve also seen over and over, that when authentic people receive a moment of grace, whether it be getting the break they were waiting for in their business or if they received a small act of kindness in their personal life…more kindness is spread in return in unimaginable ways.

And this is exactly what the world needs more of today.

It wasn’t until I took a step back to take charge of my life, command to get paid my true worth, and relaunched my business to merge the best of both worlds - the purposeful and famous side - that my life did a 180 degree turn for the better:

  • My income quadrupled while doing work that I loved
  • I live around the world wherever I want not just as a backpacker but on my terms
  • I choose only the best clients that I want to work with, and say bye-bye to the rest
  • I gained a sense of peace and real satisfaction with my life, knowing I’m helping others while living my own dream

If you want to make an impact and leave a legacy in the 21st Century, We need you to become PURPOSELY FAMOUS

I did what I once would have told you was impossible... and that’s how I know that you, a person with flaws but drive and a vision, a person who is looking for more than what they have right now, can move from ordinary to extraordinary to help make the world a better place.

It’s frustrating when you know you can do more but:

  • You’re not clear on the “what” or “how” to get paid doing work that you love
  • You have to spend all of your time looking for clients into of helping the ones that need it
  • You have all the right titles, awards, and outward success but know that’s not enough

These are only temporary setbacks though.

I know that becoming famous, even if you have a good purpose, sounds like a big promise.

But it’s not about you.

So I don’t want you to stay stuck under the magnitude of possibilities, but start by creating a master plan and moving forward one baby step at a time.

I’ll get into the nuts and bolts of how to create this plan another time, but first, here are seven reasons why we need you to become Purposely Famous and how to maintain it for the long run:

Here is a list of seven reasons why the world needs you to be famous:

1. This is not about your ego but about using your ability to make a positive difference

We’re not talking about becoming rich, famous, or successful just for the sake of it. Becoming Purposely Famous is so much deeper than that.

You have an inspiring story, skill set, or life experiences that can help others improve their life - if you share it! Becoming famous is a byproduct of your authenticity and hard work. If you become rich, it provides more financial security for yourself, your loved ones, and makes it easier to do what you love.

You should also know that you are more than good enough as a person without fame.

But you’ll have more opportunities to make a difference if you’re well-known than without.

You are more than what you do and always have been, but society trains us to think the opposite. If you’re willing to use your influence for good, then give yourself full permission to reach your fullest potential.

People with fame and money are not fundamentally different. They just learned and applied the correct principles to make it to the top… and anyone can learn these. I know this firsthand from working behind the scenes with hundreds of celebrities and public figures and by observing the patterns of what they do or don’t do that gives them notoriety.

I used to be guilty of putting famous people on a pedestal, of treating them as if they were better, smarter and more privileged than the rest of us. But as I worked around the clock to get them to the stage, my understanding and confidence in my own purpose grew.

I woke up one day with the realization that I am as good as they are.

And since I’m not better than you either, you’re good enough too.

I’ll never put my dreams and ambitions aside again - and neither should you.

2. Titles, labels, and the size of your bank account don’t matter.

When I started working at a high-profile Speakers Bureau in New York where people were paid often over 6-figures for one 40-minute speech, I was impressed that so many people had Ivy League degrees.

But after a while, when almost everyone had the same degrees and certifications, I realized that that was not enough anymore. It became too common.

Same with the people who had the fancy titles, lots of money, and established connections. Those things may get you in the door… but they don’t mean that you’ll touch people in their hearts in a way that makes them want to follow you or buy from you.

Your story, life experiences, and the lessons you’ve learned throughout your life that make you a better person are enough to get started.

People value authenticity, vulnerability, transformation, and your ability to change their life - regardless of where you come from.

You have so much more to offer beyond a piece of paper. And people are willing to pay for it.

Trust me. I thought I had to follow the traditional route. I invested 6-figures in an Ivy League Masters degree. I got my coaching certifications. No one EVER asked about them or worked with me just because I had those degrees. I’ve been broke for most of my life, living from paycheck to paycheck or spending all the money I made.

I have not used celebrity endorsements to promote myself either and my clients hire me more for deeper value I bring out of them, not just the superficial accolades on the outside.

When you create meaningful conversations and experiences for others, the people you help just don’t care about degrees and accolades.

This is what makes you great and fills the bank account with paychecks that you’re proud of.

4. Fame is a systematic process that anyone can follow. You just need to know the steps.

Ever wonder why certain people become celebrities, public figures, or make a lot of money while being in the limelight?

I’m not talking about the people who got scouted by a Hollywood agent. It rarely happens anymore. Technology and social media have made waiting in line at the shopping mall to be “discovered” like waiting for an asteroid to strike you.

Then there are the people who accidentally achieve fame. Let's say a no-name person makes a video that accidentally goes viral, or someone does a social experiment, and the next thing you know, they’re on all the talk shows, they write a book and speak on stage.

But if they don’t have a system in place to maintain it, their 15minutes of fame will be over in, well, 15minutes.

It’s not magic for anyone, even those who are born rich and famous (the expectations and pressure they have to maintain are almost impossible, it’s not easy for them either!). It’s because behind the scenes there are systematic steps that are put into place for each of these types of people, to reach and maintain that level of notoriety.

That's why it doesn't matter where you come from, how much money you have now, or what your socioeconomic background was growing up. A process is a process - and luckily it is not rocket science.

No one wakes up being Richard Branson or Oprah. But even they took the time to learn the right processes, strategies, and techniques that all can be learned. The new opportunities it gives you access to will make it worth it too!(I’ll get into the details about that another time!)

4. You’re more ready than you think

Have you ever felt like you're almost ready but not quite there yet?

I get it. I’ve been there.

It's frustrating to know you're capable of doing great things, but aware that there’s a gap in your knowledge and you're not sure what to do next. You know that if you knew the exact steps you had to do and when to do them, you could get it done brilliantly. You’re not the only one lost in all the details though.

Too many people let the "almost ready" state of mind hold them back, and it often sounds like this:

  • “I hate my job but don’t know what else I could do. I guess I’ll stay longer until something better comes up.”
  • “I’m not even clear enough to invest in a course or mentor that will help me get clear on my next best steps faster!”
  • “I just need to finish creating my passive income first before I can start planning for anything else.”

Being ready for bigger things is a state of mind first.

As a professionally trained ???

The first thing you must do is know all of your options that are time tested and truly legitimate, rather than buying into fads that push the latest and greatest that will be obsolete just as quickly as they came on the scene.

You must learn how to be clear on your messaging, strategic in sales and marketing strategy, and learn what the best practices are for your particular business.

You must learn from the best, not only other self-made entrepreneurs, but also celebrities, public figures, and Fortune 500 companies…because they have the most visibility, money, and loyal followings.

You must learn how to avoid embarrassing yourself in the public eye, but learning how to deal with haters and critics as a professional publicist would (yes, this can be learned!).

And of course you must invest in yourself as well as learning from people who have followed the same path and succeeded, if you’re serious about making this happen.

There are many, many more decisions to make. And many more things that have to be learned. But get the right help and you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

5. Authority is created, not magically received.

Just because you know you can help somebody, it means nothing if they don't know who you are and how you can help them.

If your messages aren’t packaged in a way that give people a compelling enough reason to pay you for it, they won’t stay committed to the change that you are providing.

People in the limelight make it look so easy to have thousands or millions of followers, or to be called on by major influencers such as Oprah, Ellen, or Hollywood. But, it's never as easy as it looks.

The good news is authority can be created much easier and faster if you use a proven formula.

The best formula is based on the processes that the most successful companies and individuals in the world use to create million and billion-dollar businesses… and it’s called the “Beyond Their Words Formula.”

The Beyond Their Words Formula is adapted for solopreneurs or small to mid-sized businesses. It uses a mix of a scientific and intuitive process to build a loyal following of customers and clients that want to pay you.

This means no guessing -just results from proven processes if you follow the formula.

Too often coaches say, “Just step into the shoes of your audience, and you’ll connect with them!” But, that is what I call guessing, and it’s one of the main reasons 96% of businesses fail within the first ten years of opening.

This type of failure won’t happen to you if you follow this system because you’re going to go out to collect data on your ideal clients and then turn around and integrate that data into your messaging, marketing, and content.

They will connect with you because you’re using their own words back at them. They’ll think, “Wow, you really get me!” With this system your message reaches the right people in the right way and that means it's not just you knowing you can help them - they'll know it too.

6. There isn’t a shortage of money in the world…only a shortage of people who learn how to make it.

I grew up in a family that did not have a lot of money. My mom clipped coupons and took us out to McDonald's for the dollar menu once or twice a year, and that was really big treat. After I started working with celebrities in my adulthood, I still didn't care about money. I just wanted to save the world, but meanwhile I was negotiating multi-million dollar deals that made other people millionaires while I could barely pay my bills.

Once I learned how to position myself as an equal to them and started charging their rates back at them, not only did my quality of life increase, their respect for me skyrocketed. I was finally able to start make a real impact people cared about because I cared about myself. And this is what I want you to learn how to do, too.

We've been trained in society to value material objects more than transformation or spirituality, but we definitely have it backwards.

Because no one wants to be remembered for that what they owned (boring!).

It’s better to be remembered for who you are and the impact you made on the world (awesome!).

That being said, money is not the opposite of transformation and spirituality. Money is a tool that gives you more free time to pursue your dreams.

And if you don’t get paid for the work or the goodwill you spread, then someone else will.

Fame and transformation are multi-billion dollar industries… there’s enough for you to get paid too.

In order to be seen as the best, you have to set your prices in the same range as the most influential in the world charge. And trust me when I say the biggest movers and shakers do not help others for free. If they're not charging you a coaching or consulting fee, they are selling a product or service. If it's a nonprofit or humanitarian project, someone else in a business is working hard in an office somewhere so they can give that money to that cause.

Even well known humanitarians understood this:

  • In the name of human rights, India made billions instead of England when Ghandi helped free them from colonization.
  • Mother Theresa insisted that someone else, a business, the government, or investors paid for the schools and buildings for the poor. And she didn’t refuse when they offered to put her name on the buildings either.

Realizing your potential to get your fair share of the multibillion-dollar industries on business and personal development that change people's lives for the better is a crucial step to becoming Purposely Famous.

7. Most important of all: Becoming Purposely Famous is your true calling.

If you’re still here with me…trust me, your destiny is to become Purposely Famous.

I know it can be frustrating if you've been trying to get clarity on what you really want to do or you haven’t been getting paid your full value…I’ve been there. It’s even scarier to think that people might not pay you your rates if you ask. (FYI: I promise they will if you get help to learn the proper way to ask!)

Maybe you've had moments where you wanted to give up. There were times when I know I did. Maybe you've started to doubt yourself or just wonder:

  • "When is it going to be my time?"
  • “How did other successful people start out and what choices did they make that gave them an edge?”
  • “I don’t want to get burned out again or waste money on the wrong course or mentor again; I’ve tried it all.”

But here's the thing: You’re being repeatedly called to work in the area you’re passionate about for a reason. You know that you’ll never feel complete peace if you're not doing what you know you are made to do: to give your best as a creator, influencer, and motivator to others.

There is room for you among the most powerful movers and influencers

When I was a celebrity talent scout, I was always looking for new talent. And people who run the global media juggernaut are still looking for people exactly like you - who are big thinkers with new ideas and innovative concepts.

Someone at Coca-Cola would say to me, "I've got $50,000 to pay someone to inspire my employees in a speech. Who do you have?" We often picked people who were doing interesting things that they were passionate about, and not because they were a coach, mentor, or guru – simply because they had something unique to offer the world and conveyed it clearly.

But this realization is only the seed.

Like a plant, you need water, soil, and sunlight to make it grow.

So it’s up to you to get help and be strategic and turn those ideas into products and services that can help someone create a LASTING change in their life…because that’s what products and services do! It allows an unlimited number of people to get your wisdom from a book, recorded speech, or help someone in need from your purchase (think Tom & Tom’s shoes One for One Business Model).

So I’ll leave you with this:

In order to increase your visibility, make more money, and help more people, you need to follow a simple, proven path.

In order to become Purposely Famous, you need strategies, tools, guidance, and many other elements to truly be able to make an impact and sustain your success.

But you now know that all of these things can be learned and embarking on the journey will be more than worth it.

Remember this is not about becoming the next George Clooney, Gisele Bundchen, or Elon Musk.
It’s about making YOUR mark.
It’s about finding your gifts that can best benefit the world and giving what you have in a way that’s gracious, unique, explosive and unforgettable all at the same time.
It’s about feeling confident in your own skin and accepting the fact that it’s right that you get paid for the impact you make.
It’s about learning properly how to grab the spotlight, make it brighter and keep it shining throughout the long and wonderful show.

You do that by getting clarity on your most powerful ideas and thoughts and following a step-by-step plan to share it. This is what influences, inspires, and adds true value to others lives.

The type of fame that matters is fame with purpose.

Ultimately, it is the kind that changes the world for the better. Authentic fame is powerful. Your message deserves to be heard.


Then join me for the 5 STEPS TO INSPIRE MILLIONS FREE MASTERCLASS and discover how to stand out as a thought leader, build a loyal tribe that loves paying you, and make the mainstream media and Hollywood come to you.
Karin Roest

Karin Roest is a Celebrity Talent Scout, Producer, and Buddhist nun turned Thought Leadership Strategist and Business Coach. She has worked behind the scenes with celebrities, public figures, Fortune 500 companies, and the most successful self-made entrepreneurs for 15 years. Her life mission is to disrupt the industry and share A-LIST secrets and the best online marketing practices that are not available to the general public so that anyone has a fair chance to reach their biggest dreams too.