From Forgotten Farm Girl to...

Jet Setting Around the World With Pitbull, Britney Spears, and the Rolling Stones…  

To spending a year in solitary silence in a monastery in East Asia…  

To returning with a sense of value, purpose, and ready to show others the path to a fulfilling destiny.

This is not about becoming rich, famous, or successful just for the sake of it. It’s so much deeper than that.

Hi there, I’m Karin Roest.  

When I grew up in Idaho as a child, I always wondered if I’d ever make it off the farm…it seemed impossible.

I knew deep down that my “happily ever after” required getting out and doing more, and I was desperate to make that happen.

I had no idea that “more” meant that I, a small town nobody, would go from feeding chickens and goats to end up working with the most influential celebrities and public figures around the world.

But I did.

Over the next 15 years, I worked behind the scenes with Grammy Award Winning Musicians, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, New York Times Bestselling authors, and award-winning philanthropists, journalists, and scientists. And you know what?

The biggest lesson I learned is that these superstars are no different than you and me.

But they’ve always had someone behind the scenes helping them make their big break to become a household name, and had access to the knowledge that the “Big 4” use to build million and billion dollar businesses and access to insider secrets.



I definitely didn’t always know these things. The truth is, I know what it’s like to settle for less.

I never felt like I was good enough.

Or that I deserved anything better than the almost “good enough” life that I had been given.

As a Korean adoptee raised in an all-white conservative farm town, I was the outcast. My dad worked three jobs milking cows until dawn to support my mom and my five adopted siblings and I. This made paying the bills, fitting in, and feeling loved a struggle way more often than the norm.

So I studied harder. I worked two jobs during school, got straight A’s, and played sports. I went to university and volunteered in the poorest villages in Africa …but I still felt like I didn’t matter.

After college, I applied to work on a humanitarian project with a big time Hollywood producer, but got rejected. I was humiliated but had the courage to tell him again, “I AM going to work for you one day.”

He Laughed in My Face. But I Didn’t Give Up

Months later, he finally hired me. But instead of the humanitarian project, my role was to be his secretary and manage the affairs of his many celebrity clients.  

I started out getting his coffee and answering his phone, then moved up the ladder to organize press conferences, handpick celebrities to promote and host, and negotiate in the boardroom with investors and Fortune 500 Executives for multi-million dollar sponsorship and investment deals.

It was a sink or swim environment with little instruction, but five years later I had learned enough to start my own celebrity talent agency. So I left, and started working with celebrities on my own around the world after that.

In order to find the best talent, I reviewed thousands of profiles to find the most qualified ones to get paid up to half a million dollars for one speech, or up to $6 million dollars for a two-hour performance.

But what’s really interesting is that most of the people in the limelight were once average people who have the same drive that you have. Very few had incredible breakthroughs, while most couldn’t or didn’t sustain it.




But over the years, I got the chance to observe what the best of the best did to reach their success and learned that…  



It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, where you come from, what you look like, or if you have famous connections or money.  

I’ve seen firsthand that the most successful people in the world use a systematic process to get where they want to be.

That’s why I’m convinced that if you learn and implement this system, you can reach your highest level of fulfillment and influence too.

Then I had an idea: “What if I share this systematic process with people like you, so that you have a better chance of making more money and reaching your dreams?”

“What if you know exactly how to run your own business like the celebrity moguls out there who get paid for doing what they love in front of a global audience?”

“What if I could break down the process into simple, bite-sized steps that could get you off the wrong trajectory and finally on to the right one…”

“What if you connect with other up-and-coming trailblazers who are so committed to their legacy that one day you could make the most influential people in the world come to you?”

“And what if you have a faster, easier way to get there, like a rocket straight to the top? Notice I didn’t say “easy” – but I said easier.

Well, there is. The Purposely Famous System is that rocket. Let me explain how this came about.

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I Was Surrounded With Endless Glitz and Glamour, Vicariously Living a Luxurious Life through Celebrities Like Britney Spears

I know that you might be wondering, “Karin, if life was as great for you as it sounds…living the dream, traveling the world with famous people with unlimited access to riches and wealth at your fingertips, why did you change your focus to help someone like me? I haven’t even made my biggest break yet.”  

It’s a fair question. Here’s why:  

I remember standing backstage, working at a Britney Spears concert when she had the biggest tour in the world. 

She flew in on her private jet and the rest of the crew flew in commercial on a separate plane.

We drank champagne, took the chauffeurs to the best VIP nightclubs in town, and splurged on gourmet meals, snacks, and anything else we wanted at the Four Seasons Hotel. I had the best seats in the house at the show.

My job was to keep her happy.  

I’m good at making celebrities happy…I know what to say, what they need, and how to make everything behind the scenes look great, even when it is often disorganized.  

But if I was so good at making others feel happy, why did I feel so unhappy inside myself?

The Crowd of 50,000 Fans in the Stadium Roared With Excitement, But I Felt as if I Was Standing Miles Away, All Alone

As fun as my jet setting career had been, I had worked too many 80-100 hour weeks, partied too much ‘til dawn, and had focused too much on pleasing everyone else but me.  

I was exhausted. And left with no purpose for myself. If this was seemingly what we aspire to have – not necessarily to be a pop star – but to have the highest level of influence and wealth possible, I had found out the hard way that…

Having the Highest Level of Influence and Wealth in Your Own Industry or Globally Was Not Enough

I felt like I was back on the farm again, knowing there had to be more to life than this. But as an adult, the stakes were higher. If I left that job, I had no idea what else I would do or where I would go. Plus I’d shamefully have to admit to my family and friends that my outward success left me feeling empty inside.

Nevertheless, I was determined to find the answer, once again. So I left and did some serious soul searching as a nun in a monastery in Myanmar (Burma) in Southeast Asia for the next year…in silence.



That might seem drastic…but without a doubt I knew that I had to do something this extreme to get off the glammed out roller coaster that I’d been stuck on for too long.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to shave your head and meditate for a year in silence (unless you want to!) I’m here to share how I cracked the code on merging the best of both worlds, to maximize results and happiness in your professional and personal life.

I could go on for days about how I ended up in Myanmar and the ups and downs I went through (there were a lot!), but unfortunately we don’t have time here. I promise to share the full story another day. In summary, it was not easy.

Getting rid of the material stuff in the “real” world, outside of a monastery, did not solve my inner problems. My doubts, insecurities, and fears had followed me all the way to Myanmar too.

You Are Valuable, Loved, and Worthy. And Capable of Creating Your Own Dreams Too.

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In my heart…if I know that celebrities are not better than I am, then I am not better than you either. We are on a collective lifelong journey that needs everyone who recognizes that they are here for a bigger purpose than themselves to come together, speak out, and inspire others.

The world needs more people with depth, meaning, and heart-warming souls that really care about humanity and the state of the world. But you cannot do this alone. The task is too big.  

That is the core reason why the Purposely Famous System exists.

Forget About Trashy Celebrities and Reality TV Stars That Ruin the Word “Fame” For All of Us. That is Not You.  

Your Purpose is Bigger Than That!

You can be empty and full of fame, or full of purpose and be famous for creating a legacy. These are two different things.

Fame means that you have more visibility, which gives you more authority and more demand for you…and selling and helping people becomes much easier.

Ultimately it’s about solving people’s problems, creating more happiness and fulfillment, and being responsible about how we earn and spend our money.

It’s something so much bigger than just running a business.

On the deepest level, it’s the kind of impact that changes all of humanity for the better.

I believe that most people want to save the world, but who has the time or energy if you’re tapped out trying to find your next clients, overworked and underpaid, or can’t take care of your own basic needs?

I wish it weren’t like this, but this is reality.

Deep down inside, you know you’re not fulfilling your greater purpose and not making the impact you hoped you would.

So let’s turn this around so you can really live your life mission and feel completely content with it. Embrace Your Destiny to Become PURPOSELY FAMOUS



That’s why I created the… the PURPOSELY FAMOUS SYSTEM. Because after observing the success of those that I worked with, I applied their mindsets and strategies to myself; by doing this systematically and combining it with my own research, my results increased beyond my expectations!  

The Purposely Famous system is a combination of everything I learned from observing what the most successful people and businesses in the world do, knowledge of the best modern business practices, and years of scientific data and psychological behavior research.

And here’s what using the system did for me:

I re-launched my business in 2013 to be more heart-centered and went from making $100 to $100,000 my first year as a certified coach

I doubled my annual income each year for the next three years without paying a dime for advertising, no social media following or fancy website, and never tapped into my celebrity network…while working only part-time.

I went from helping other people make millions while I struggled to pay my bills to getting paid $15,000 for one hour consulting calls, negotiated $400,000 deals in 5 emails, and had the Hollywood titans fly me around the world in business class and paying 3x more for doing 3x less work.

I’ve cracked the code on how to travel, work, and sleep where and when on my terms, living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for 20 years. I recently lived in Brazil, walking distance from the best beaches…checking off one of my biggest bucket list dreams!

I only work with my ideal clients and build passive income so I can maintain this lifestyle and contribute bigger and bigger to the world… F.O.R.E.V.E.R.



I am forever grateful to be on my own Purposely Famous Path. 

And I know that my own purpose is to help you YOU create YOURS  

I’m on a mission to redefine FAME in a PURPOSEFUL and positive way.  

And I hope to do this TOGETHER with you!

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