3 months ago

Karin Roest


Sometimes people on my social media say, "You shouldn't try to be famous... no one else has."

Ummm... excuse me?!

That is totally FALSE.

First, there's nothing wrong with being famous if you use it for a good purpose.

Second, the people you see and admire who have millions of views on their videos secretly use strategies behind the scenes to optimize getting more visibility.

That's why Today Monday, May 13 at 2 pm EST, I'm invited my friend, Azul Terronez to share how his TED talk has gotten over 1 million views... here is the video interview!

And how yours can too.

If you haven't done a TED talk already, this is still for you as it's great to start planning ahead...

And if you have done one already, you can use the info he'll share to expand your reach even more.

Doing a TED talk is a great way to get more exposure for your story and message... so I suggest everyone add it to your bucket list, especially if you're on a mission to make the world a better place.


If you know you're meant to do bigger things and ready to learn the full system on how to become Purposely Famous & Inspire Millions with your Message, watch this. It's the most comprehensive training the tells you REALLY what it takes to increase your authority, wealth, and impact with purpose:

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Great interview which provided me with a unique perspective!

Great video Karin. Very helpful...

Something was wrong the Zoom. Could not connect. Sorry!

I want to work for myself, not others.

What was most helpful for me was the fact of how difficult it is to make it and do a Ted talk and what it takes. Thank you!

Can you help me with my Ted-Talk once I have finished my AI book?

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3 months ago

Karin Roest


Sometimes people on my social media say, "You shouldn't try to be famous... no one else has."

Ummm... excuse me?!

That is totally FALSE.

First, there's nothing wrong with being famous if you use it for a good purpose.

Second, the people you see and admire who have millions of views on their videos secretly use strategies behind the scenes to optimize getting more visibility.

That's why on Monday, May 13 at 2 pm EST, I'm inviting my friend, Azul Terronez to share how his TED talk has gotten over 1 million views...

And how yours can too.

If you haven't done a TED talk already, this is still for you as it's great to start planning ahead...

And if you have done one already, you can use the info he'll share to expand your reach even more.

Doing a TED talk is a great way to get more exposure for your story and message... so I suggest everyone add it to your bucket list, especially if you're on a mission to make the world a better place.


If you know you're meant to do bigger things and ready to learn the full system on how to become Purposely Famous & Inspire Millions with your Message, watch this. It's the most comprehensive training the tells you REALLY what it takes to increase your authority, wealth, and impact with purpose:

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We had some technical difficulties so did this offline, we'll post the video asap, hang on and thanks for your patience! :)

How did you organize a Ted Talk? What do I have to do organize one, I'd love to have one in our community! ♡

Cannot wait!

Tyrese Gibson

4 months ago

Karin Roest


A lot of people have been asking me what the biggest takeaways are from my year of meditation in silence.

So today I’d like to share them with you.

However, here’s a warning and disclaimer in advance: The techniques I’ve used to find inner peace and balance are not for everybody.

I’ll always dive deep to find my purpose and balance in my life.

But that also means facing my dark side and trauma in unconventional and non-traditional ways.

So be forewarned, what I share with you might be dangerous for you. And it may not be healthy for you to try what I do.

But I want to be honest about my journey and what it takes for ME to find inner peace. Because I leave no stone unturned and although it’s not always pretty, I will continue to carve my own path and hope you do the same.


I believe everyone has a calling… a moment when you’re meant to transition to a higher level but it’s not easy. According to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey trajectory, you usually refuse the call several times before giving in to it.

But it’s one of the biggest moments in your life and necessary to grow. It’s that Hollywood movie opening scene that would kickoff as the cliffhanger but you’d have to watch it until the end to find out how if you make it… or not.

I’d say that from the Ordination ceremony at the monastery for me has been my moment of calling. What followed after that has made me wonder if I'd make it many times, but I’m still here.

I’d like to know yours too. So many people tell me, “I have so many stories, which ones do I share and how?”

Let’s start here as this is your kickoff cliffhanger point too.

*ANNOUNCEMENT: Next Monday, May 13, my friend Coach Azul will join me at 2 pm EST to share how to get over a million views on your TED talk. Imagine the impact you can make if millions of people hear your message! Mark it on your calendar as he’ll answer your questions live then too.

➡️FREE TRAINING: If you know you're meant to do bigger things in your life... Watch this to learn the 5 Steps to Become Purposely Famous & Inspire Millions with your Message here, this is the best place to start to learn the full system, enjoy!

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thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become character, character becomes... destiny.

Thank you Karin for opening up with your story I appreciate you

Thoughts become things 🤗

But I read a lot of the Bible to try and over come that

Hey, wait! Don't start without!! 😂😂😂

That’s amazing! I love it, just giving those negative parts space is a perfect way to befriend them 🤗. Perfect I needed that , thank you.

I'm a ready writer for God and I just got a new song called The Shined in the night with the evening light what a wonderful delight 😊

Consistent discipline compounds into lots of wonderful!

Thank you for your inspirational words. Awesome sauce!

Or listening to gospel music and dance and do my poerty

Yay I made it ! Hello🤗

The journey of self discovery is the adventure of life!🥰

@21.40 I would love a silence treatment ! If you know any affordable one's even outside the country, let me know !!

I really enjoyed this Karin blessing . And the best in your endeavors.

I know the PERFECT location to create a retreat...

And I didn't think about I just did it and don't know how I was able to do that I wasn't carrying or anything I was numb But the doctor cried

I don't want validation. I just want people to stop telling me I'm worthless because I can no longer work a regular job.

@ 54:00 Thanks for all your work putting the book together

I just feel all my family are go getters and I'm like what Happened to me ,Right Lol🤣😂🤣😊

Thanks for sharing your story Karin I appreciate it

Exactly value of not reacting.

My is music I'm attaching myself to dance videos and music

My dark side is Columbian the movie and The movie Carrie and ghost Rider

Exactly Karin sometimes pushing too much you have to realize that you have to take a break when you fill it.

Yay Karin you got it out Good girl you rock girl

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4 months ago

Karin Roest


If you know you're born to make a bigger impact in the world…

If you're humble, authentic, and want others to struggle less than you so willing to step into the limelight for a good purpose...

I’d like to share with you some key tips about Thought Leadership that you probably don’t know about that can make all the difference between staying stuck or reaching your goals.

And it’s probably NOT what you think.

Thought Leadership is THE most powerful positioning in the 21st Century to show your authority so watch this to help you stay inspired, confident, and unstoppable.


I believe everyone has a Hollywood movie story in them that is worthy of making the big screen...

But first, you've got to know which parts of your story to share (I'm sure there is so much good stuff to choose from) and then know how share it so people can know who you are and cheer for you throughout the ups and downs of your life so they want to follow you and support you.

So starting next week Monday at 2 pm EST, I'm going to take a break about sharing the business trainings (you can watch all the replays in the video section on this Facebook business page)...

And offer a 12-week challenge to help you share your Hero's Journey following the 12 stages that have been popularized by Joseph Campbell, focusing on one stage per week.

Pretty much every popular movie or book follows this format for a reason:

It's simple, easy to follow, it stops you from wandering off on tangents, and it helps you decide which stories throughout your life to focus on that are the most captivating and worthy of sharing.

I'll share my personal story of how I went from being a small town farm girl to jet setting around the world with celebrities to the monastery to now help amazing people become Purposely Famous...

And I hope you feel inspired to write down, record, and share your own unique story too.

If you'd like to get a head start, go to www.purposelyfamous.com as I share the gist of my story there and after downloading my free ebook, will encourage you to start sharing yours too.
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I think people do walk away with "ahh...feel motivated, etc.." but they expect women to just give and drain themselves for free and time consuming... still honing boundaries...

Yeah !! Thought leadership: change the expectation

So I'll use it in my sales script too !

And then I lost my Partner in life 2012 which was my husband for 6,1/2 years took me 5 years and still coming out Now I have purpose & vision now for my Future Enough about me ,So How can I help you

I want travel on the road with my own RV and go with you Girls trip to Zbrazill🌺😂🤣😂🤣😂😊lol

A new authority statement, is it ok based on using our story? "so I come from a poor country as immigrants, my mom worked at Mcdonalds and was a single mom with four kids. We weren’t rich on top of people making fun of our culture and not always having the right cloths. But I have been able to transform poverty, broken relationships, and cultural ignorance into healing eating, great budgeting an exciting, innovative life.

Hi. Love the channel.

You are cool😊💐🌹

I always wanted to do something with the Smithsonian with my daughter that passed 2011 at 1pound and 14ounces I was 28weeks and God had showed me that I would go in labor at 4 months as if I was eight months But not everything I went through

And I love to teach what I've learned and experienced in my. Journey

I believe I'm not in competition with no one me just being me

I have six Adult child all over the age of 18 -30 and 10 grands but me myself is always child-like with acting like I'm 100 sometimes

So I believe that I am a Poetress ,dancer both side secular ,and spiritual and a Ready writer for The Everlasting Arm


Your beautiful ❤️

Hey Karin

Great to see you !!


This sounds great can't wait for it to start!

died and come back 🐯🐱🐱

I don't even know where to Ben So I just Do my video when I feel lead to And my Books that I have are supposed to be Virtual and not hard back or paper back and my rough copy's are out by all my videos I've downloaded my ebook today April 29th thanks Karin



Hello Karin

Heroes Story, what do you think? " o Walking as a teenager, young adult, approximately five miles as, from college to my house. NO money to take a bus, and the bus was a luxury. Mom’s gotta work to feed mouths, but I lived above and beyond and was taking college classes…walking and swimming on the beaches of Maldives, because I’m crazy good at budgeting and being low maintenance and treated myself at 33 as an independent Woman ! "

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4 months ago

Karin Roest


So there’s only one “You”...

...With multiple titles, brands, and purposes (Sometimes you’re serious, business-like, fun & funny, philanthropic; sometimes you sell a product, other times a service, etc.)

…There are multiple places to build a following: Email lists, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube…

...Then spending time to post and share on each…

...You’ve gotta get engagement on each to get paid by sponsors one day (But they won’t want to pay you if you don’t have any engagement)...

...And convert followers to customers so they’re happy paying you to change their life.

Maybe once in awhile, you’ll want to take a break as building all of his is VERY time consuming.

So can I set the record straight? Today I’ll answer these questions:

-Do you really need to post multiple times every day on each platform as all the social media gurus advise?

-How do you build a brand that shows ALL of your diverse brands, personalities, products and services?

-Which social media platforms should you use and for what?

-Should you repurpose content for each platform, and how would you do that quickly?

-Why do some people have tons of followers while others sharing content of equal quality don’t?

You want answers like this when you’re ready to get PAID FOR YOUR PURPOSE…

🎯Speaking of which...

I announced last week an invite to apply to share your story in the first book of the PURPOSELY FAMOUS BOOK SERIES that will be released soon.

I’ll teach you how to build your own following so you get more authority in your own right AND cash in to sell more books and earn $19 each per book as an affiliate!

Excited to share more about all of this in my FB live training and I’m psyched to work with you on a closer level AND make it a win-win for all.

FYI - Next week Monday I’ll be in Sao Paulo, Brazil so I’ll pop in real quick to say “Oi!” at 2 pm EST instead of doing a full biz training. In 2014, I went to the World Cup in Rio then didn’t leave for 3 years (seriously!)...so super excited to go back and share some Brazilian *amor* with you 🙂

Here's my Purposely Famous story... I'm excited to hear yours soon too!

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Hi all! I'm here!!

I have ALOT of dramatic stories so, how do I know which one to use? 😊😊


I want to change lives in all the world!

I use a pseudonym 😁

She is amazing amazing amazing

Edgar sometimes does show as i see it :)

Right hats T-Shirts ,cups socks, oil , wash clothes 'bags , Why not Lol Everything that is Good for you

So my Goal right Now is to help you Instead of getting myself out there right and continue listening Thank You Karin for coming to facebook

Hi Karin

Girl with no job


I have life death experience, survived terminal cancer and all! you emailed me! whoo hoo thank you!

Thank you !!❤️🤗

I’d love a purposely famous shirt!

Twitter and Instagram.... I don't use

yes I willing to stand out ! It is key that people know there is life after terminal cancer and chronic abuse. Karen we have spoken several times and now its time to make my brand

Thank you so much

Google trends can help

including everyone stories

I'm like a triple Underdog here oh, that's about to emerge greater than the Phoenix ever could dream of better than the Cinderella story! I'm telling you!

Ahh, got it !!


quality instead of quanity its amazing

I use Plann for IG and it works great

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4 months ago

Karin Roest


I’ve heard it way too many times:

“I bought too many courses that didn’t work.”

“I trusted this coach/mentor/guru to help me build my business and they took my money instead.”

“We had great rapport… talked about amazing ideas to change the world together, then… CRICKETS.

“I invested in this marketing company / Hired this person to do my social media / Paid a publicist to get more exposure and... they didn’t deliver.”

That’s money down the drain that you couldn’t afford to lose, time lost that you can’t get back, and you’re left feeling defeated and doubting yourself...right?

Unfortunately, I’ve been there myself.

I’ve always been a trusting person, maybe too much, so had to learn the hard way on how to recover from business faux pas and up my game to get more profits & respect than before.

Was it painful?


I was trained in a fast-paced cut-throat world where big money, power, and influence and a “take no prisoners” mentality was the norm. Being nice didn’t cut it. My small town, idealistic, “save the world” mentality was kicked to the curb.

But in hindsight, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being thrown into the shark’s den head first, it’s either sink or swim. And I swam.

The good news: You can still be compassionate, purposeful, and kickass at business but you’ve gotta learn the secrets to stay confident, savvy, and smarter than those that bring you down.

And that’s what I’m sharing with you how to master today.

Your mission is too important to be undercut or undervalued by bullies in the business world.

And here’s a shocker: Sometimes the biggest bully you face is YOURSELF (I’ll explain more about that too).

So let’s get ya on an equal playing field with the “big” boys so you truly are a force to reckon with for the greater good.

Spread the Purposely Famous love by sharing this video or commenting by midnight tonight and win a FREE 1-1 coaching session with me!

Let’s dive in to see what’s working or not in your business and life so you live your highest Purposely Famous potential.



Seriously…but it’s not what you think.

It’s even better ☺

Because there is more than one kind of FAME…and I want you to have the GOOD kind. So if you:

-Want to do something more meaningful with your life
- Want to get clarity on your most powerful thoughts that make you a thought leader
- Are ready to follow a proven path to make 6 -7 figures and beyond
- Want to know what it takes to go from being unknown to Hollywood for all the RIGHT reasons…

Then yep, THE WORLD needs you to be PURPOSELY FAMOUS.

My name is Karin Roest, and I grew up in a small farm town, feeling like a nobody.

After college, I started jet setting around the world with Grammy Award Winning musicians and helping highly paid TED talk speakers, New York Times Bestsellers, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, and Award Winning Philanthropists inspire millions and make millions.

It’s easy to share the same stuff that every other expert out there promises will solve all of your problems…how to get clear on your messaging, how to get high paying clients, set up a sales funnel, get publicity, but also YOU NEED EVEN MORE THAN THAT…

Because if you’re not getting the behind the scenes CELEBRITY SECRETS and applying them to your business and life to elevate your success…

And if you’re not getting the exposure, profits, or if your biggest dreams aren’t happening…

Then that’s most likely why.

So I invite you to watch my FREE Training to learn a proven system to make a bigger impact, click here to watch: bit.ly/2B80AHR
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I direct them to the free Kindle Unlimited copies. I still get royalties from that

The people who want free copies do not want to share or assist with spreading word.

I actually and kind of skeptic, that, some people just aren't rooting for your success...and a qualifier: competitive

Just using this as an analogy but it's almost like double dutch but I like to wait patiently when the right and proper opportunity

Now that I have a product, I see it clearer, what I am grateful for is that awareness, but also it is protecting me. I am very generous and just want to help, but people don't see how much you give, expect, even demand it (your resources), and then when you do give an offer, they act dumb

My business is a legal entity in my state but just haven't able to get it off the ground It's a thiftgiftshop

really enjoying the celebrity pit !! some unique to tribe

now having a purposeful product is helpful because it's helping me process being not taken serious, or people not skilled enough, or experience, etc...

It's that feeling people relating to you

the tribe, was hard to hunt down to interview

I feel like get to directly help them, they are supportive

comes and goes fast

Your important too

The most common statement is "Are you going to give me a book because I know you?"

Thank you Karin :)

I am really grateful !!! Because many people want to...oh nevermind, I was going to vent about something else...people...

meaning Im done with the negative person

Hmm, let see how I feel

So good opposing feedback !!

it's more natural in the celeb pit

My thing is I just don't know where to really begin I do have my own business but it's not up and running

I was gonna say all the people who try to get "free" stuff

I am here, late but here :)

"Hey I've got this xyz - Would you like to go deeper with me, bc I have programs that help you solve this" Noted!

simultaneously, I have another feedback, who is grateful they met me in their life...

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5 months ago

Karin Roest


Have you ever wondered what could happen if your story or messaged inspired millions around the world?

You’ve been through a lot so I believe you can help a lot of people too.

But you’re going to need to get more exposure in the media.

And lots of it.

It’s not rocket science, but there are some basics that you need to know first:

-What is the difference between your “Tribe” that buys from you and the masses that doesn’t?

-How to do you convey your story and message so you get the prime spot in the news?

-Can you really make a big impact with no budget? (Hint: YES, it’s the only way I recommend in the beginning)

-How to stay organized so you can scale from local to national to global with no stress

Share your comments, biggest takeaways, and share this video before the end of the day to spread the Purposely Famous love and you may be selected to win a FREE 1-1 Coaching session with me.

To learn more about how I help visionaries create more wealth, authority, and impact, watch my free training here: bit.ly/2B80AHR
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You're right I don't want to make my mistakes in the big space I'd rather make them in the small spaces...

Gonna rewatch again

CAT videos are HUGE! don't get it- but they are!

And to do something on the road 7x out that year

Start where you’re at is key. I started practicing with local podcasts to fine tune my skills. Had it showcases every now and again as well as others on instagram And getting inquiries about how i can serve them 🙂

Really great tips that are easily implemented! Thank you!

Thank you Karin!! Sorry i missed the live but on here now and absorbing it

Hi Karin Thanks for Caring

I serve, Business Owner that have success but they have reach a crystal roof of growing their real Wealth.

How do you know what Avenue you go on or belong on what's good for you

I have a sight That I'm trying to start my business online I will talk to you about privately though

I had my own fitness show on a community channel and it was great for experience and exposure.

Bravo! 💎💙🙌

Hi Karin! Thanks for doing this!

Poetry ,Writing,TV,dance,teachining wisdom & knowledge

I have a poem inside of a book called timeless voices at this sight called poetry . Com one poem in that book called summer night into the light

Great tips

You are awesome!!

Good Advice sounds great

Im not shy! Im gonna be somebody someday, you can bet your hard earn dollar I will!

There are days for dogs and for cats

Maybe a blogger or a Dr. Ruth for relationships,or Ministry,with business of everything I'm gifted at


I just want to share my Life and way of living to give people a good Inspiring way to believe and think

And I want to be able to impacted them each year

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5 months ago

Karin Roest

🎯FLAT-FACED & FABULOUS: Your worst nightmares turned into media sensations🎯



Ouchhhh… When I was called these names by bullies in school when I was little, I ran home in tears so many times I lost count.

But today, there’s a new trend going on… so I’ll use these derogatory terms as my source of strength, thank you very much!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names… can help you get more media attention than ever.

Here are some examples of celebs and ordinary people on a mission that are taking their worst nicknames and biggest pain points and turning them into inspirational book titles, speaking topics, article headlines, and making them viral sensations.

And how you can do the same too.

This is more than getting attention and views.

You’ll finally have an enormous sense of freedom when you’re able to say out loud your weaknesses and get in the last laugh, and use them as a vehicle for the greater good.

🥰Watch this and comment-share your biggest takeaways + share the video with a friend and you may win a 15-minute free 1-1 live coaching session with me!🥰


Before you get more visibility in the world... it's about being "famous" to yourself and your soul without the bright lights and applause.

Based off my experience building the brands of celebrities for 15 years, I share A-LIST strategies to help ordinary people like YOU who have a purposeful message, service, or product so you can strategically build a purposeful business and finally get on a clear path to inspire millions with your message.

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oh yeah, I can share here my stuff from before that carried over I think..."friends" dissing my body, too skinny - chicken legs, don't whatever else they are obsessed with,(but actually I have a really healthy fit great figure and still do) people ewwing how my house smelled, like curry and spices, testament to growing up on home cooked food instead of the SAD diet (Standard American diet), and my families religion and idols, and the elephant...people making fun...

I'm keeping my gut! Its very renaissancey!! 😍😍😍😍

🤓 4-eyed quiet girl

Hurt people hurt people

naive on business, because the business have to be cold hard it

I've been teased and picked on for being short growing up my whole life and that's why I work so hard to help others and be the person who I am today

Sorry, my ability to access is limited, but can't wait to re listen ! You are a blessing and gift !!

been naive for business

Sticks and Bones was one

Sorry I’m late but I’m here


For me it is my poor grammar on writing, but I owned it! However...I do my best every time I write.I never stop!

peole would ask me "How much Goodyear paid me?!" in grade school. Its funny this guy who asked me that I saw him in college when I was all hot and skinny and he got fat, drunk, and ugly. It was a great moment in my life! Loved it

Good morning Karin

I was called whop and got beat up in school for being italian I don't let stereotype define me I define who I am

Another one that I was a bit uncomfortable to share. But I had big lips and people would call them . . . DSL, I was slow though to know what that even meant, cause I was quiet and reserved. I used to cover my mouth a lot. But I found a transformation term: DSL: A Camera opportunity to Photogenic Real Lips.....hahahah haha (I can't with myself)

I love being myself rich or poor I don't care either way I don't care if people don't like me either I love who I am I love where I'm going so I'll always be me

nickname: Shamu

Perfect timing because of the lack of statistics I found this weekend

Now im wildfire that can't be stopped

In the past I was "too tall", "talked too much", and my hair was "too big'......I'm now paid to talk and get lots of compliments on my hair and height! The lasted thing is getting harassing comments on social media, I do intuitive readings and energy work. People post that I'm a fraud and stealing innocent peoples money.....I gatta ignore it but it makes me wonder if I need to respond to their hateful untrue comments.

I used to have a mole on my nose that looked like a booger lol when I was teased I would just say "But it made you pay attention to my face!"

I forgive you, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you

Huckleberry Finn was a book and he was a character with Tom Sawyer

Your nice.

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5 months ago

Karin Roest


Have you ever posted your most brilliant thoughts and no one “Liked” or commented about it?

Or you shared an idea and felt deflated after everyone in cyberspace or in person ignored it?

I promise that in only 30-minutes a day, you can learn how to build a raving Superfan base that loves everything you say, do, and spreads your mission for you.

Whether you’re a coach, author, speaker, creative, or an employee with a bigger vision beyond the office, building your FANBASE is key.

Sometime call this group of loyal people who follow you, advocate for you, and sometimes buy from you is also called your Tribe, target market, niche, or superfans.

So how do you build a following and turn them into a raving community of engaged, inspired, and active fans who sing your praises?

Equally important, why is it so important for you do to do this?

Let me share with you:

-How to go from 0 followers to Millions of adoring fans

-Why Quality over Quantity and Profits over Vanity numbers matter more

-The 3 Step system to build a strong foundation in your Fanbase “House”

-The 30-minute a day process to Grow your Fanbase - What to do, how and why

The goal is to reach your breakthrough point so people come to you instead of you chasing after them, but it starts with building your own following this way first.

... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Jesse Smollett's reason blew my mind

Love this, girl. Can you share more about relational "techniques" Taylor and Katy use? I'm launching a personal development brand called Born Iconic in June and am looking to do it MEGA differently!


Men are from mars women from Venus, John Gray

Felicity Huffman

I already make sure to reply to comments

Lori Loughlin

Thank you Karin!

Been deleting a lot of spam accounts

I hear ya

All the time



Autocorrect fail with his name

I can hear you


Always love listening to you talk and ur so beautiful and amazing thanks for the inspiration


Hey Karin!

We hear you

Karin, I have tried for the past three years with my site build up by marketing professionals and got nothing! What am I missing???

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5 months ago

Karin Roest


Most people think that reaching a ‘celebrity’ level of authority, wealth and impact isn’t possible for them.

But, the good news is… They’re wrong!

The world doesn’t need more famous people who never make a positive impact. Because, what we need is more everyday people, just like you, getting known for spreading more goodwill, so more solutions reach the masses. Right?

If you’re someone who is really good at what you do…

Clients and colleagues sing your praises...

But feel like something is still missing...

Let’s get to the ROOT of why reaching your fullest potential isn’t happening yet and how to change it so it does.

I’m not talking about upgrading your skills and knowledge in your business… those are things you’ll always have to do.

Because before the world knows how awesome you are, you have to know yourself first. This is the foundation.

This is not about ego, but about building BULLETPROOF CONFIDENCE to know your value and self-worth so that when you do go out in the world and share your story your gifts, your skills, and mission, you have bulletproof confidence so no one can take you down.

So let’s do the “Purposely Famous Humble Brag” and tell me this: If you had a consistent level of confidence 100% of the time…

⭐️Who would you be?
⭐️Who would you help and why is doing this so important?
⭐️What could you buy and where would you go?

AND What about the people that you help...
⭐️Who could they be if they were inspired by you?
⭐️Where could they go
⭐️What could they buy
⭐️What impact can they make with your positive influence on them?

Another good question to answer is:

If you had all the money in the world or lost everything, if you became paralyzed or became ill or lost all of your loved ones or had access to all the riches and luxury in the world...WHO WOULD YOU STILL BE? What core values can no one and nothing take away from you?

In business, every company has something called a niche statement: I help X group of people overcome X problem so they reach X solution.

What is yours?

Don’t be shy...BE PURPOSELY BOLD!

Comment below, share this with a purposeful friend as the world is waiting to be inspired by your purpose and have a Purposely Amazing day!
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The world is a better place with me in it because I help women to unleash their inner queens to feel empowered and acomplish anything they want in life. I strongly believe that lack of confidence is the root of all evil and I am on a mission to help everyone I can to be and feel like a queen... Beautiful and pwerful 👸👸

I have a story to tell. Both with my writing and my personal story about what I have been through.

The world is a better with me because the music I make moves the hearts and touches the souls of millions worldwide. The world is a better place with me in because I am a kind, loving, brilliant, soulful, creative, abundant and generous man. The world is a better place in it because I make people feel connected to themselves and the inspiration and love in their hearts. The world is a better place with me in it because I inspire people's creativity. The world is a better place with me in it because I am a joy to be around. The world is a better place with me in it because I am present and attentive to those in my company be it in person or online. The world is a better place with me in it because people feel safe to share their ideas and inspirations with me. The world is a better place with me in because the wealth and fame I create gives people opportunities and inspires people to follow their own dreams. The world is a better place with me because I am a kind friend, love, family and community member. The world is a better place with me in it because my writing uplifts and moves people. The world is a better place with me in it because my podcast is cool, inspiring and thought provoking. The world is a better place with me in it because my light warms the room and invites people to be their best self. The world is better place with me in it because my orchestral music moves people to tears and makes people feel joyful and full of possibility.

The world is better with me in it because I can take what seems like really complex spiritual concepts and make them super-practical for even the Average Joe! Spirituality should make life more simple!

Thank you 💕

Everyone has a story

Very good stuff...

Great advice!


The reason why the world is better with me in it is because I am dedicated to helping people turn their lives around from the inside out and make life "Suite!" Why do I say make life Suite?" Suite is pronounced sweet. They sound the same. But the musical meaning of Suite is multiple instrumentals combined into one composition. This is similar to the facets and traits we are born with that are connected together to make us unique. Make life suite means to renew your mind to manifest the abundant life-creating power within you. You are a temple for infinite intelligence all housed in one mind and body. You’re like a Suite. Mentally, physically, spiritually all in one person. These facets can be in harmony or not. Essentially, I help people grow in positivity and love and that makes the world a better place.

My wife and I take care of 19 cats in our house and feed 9 more outside. People move and leave their pets but feel very good taking them in and feeding them. So need to get better always in writing and comedy. These animals are fantastic and depend on myself and my wife.

I did the same thing in school only no sports

The world is a better place because I can break down things and make it simple for people to understand and see what they are not seeing. Plus, I want people to see there's light to be seen in every situation! And, there just ain't no-BODY like muah! I'm super coolio, fun, amazing, charismatic, hilarious, oh, did I mention cool, too?! I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll! Lololololo....i love being humble!! 😍😍🤡😉😉

I have been doing a lot of that for too long and Decided to LET IT GO! 🔥🙌🔥


The world is a better place with me in it because my genuine intent is to leave the world a better place than it was when I arrived. I'm also a realist and understand the intricate ways in which impact is more, well... impactful than intent. I'm on a mission to educate as many people as possible in how to live their lives, and operate their businesses, ethically and sustainably. The current systems in place do not have the best interest of the general public at heart. I believe it is possible to meet our needs, while remaining neutrally impactful to the world around us. I know that those who wish to make a positive impact are capable - regardless of their current financial situation or social status. I love helping people accept that positive impact requires honest, and sometimes harsh, self-analysis. Then I love watching them realize who they've always been. It's an honor to validate and support them as they begin living a genuine and positively impactful life. <3

wow .... I have no clue... so bad 😞 (I have to add that I achieved kind of celebrity status in my field, because I'm pretty good in what I do, but still, I'm not happy with it. I don't know what's my purpose)

I'm on a mission to bring Spirituality into Practicality for humanity; I focus on helping high-achievers break through ruts to find fulfillment and manifest an epic, aligned life using a simple spiritual strategy based in Ancient Wisdom!!! At my core, I am devoted to the exploration of the Spiritual Realms & Philosophy in order to uncover the most useful methods to live life to its fullest and share as much as I can with others!

Because I bring Me With great things Good Changes Love peace &😇Joyfulness

Hey Karin!

Missed the live, but glad there is a recording !! But I listened to last weeks and was amazing. My niche statement so far is: Incorporate physical/emotional wellness as a means to innovation, social change and peace.

hi karin

I was super duper shy till I was 21 then, I decided there was a voice inside me that was waiting to come out and the next day I decided "I'm done, no more shy!" Xo

Haters will always find you

It's super important for folks on a mission to stick together because we have fears (just like everyone else) but we HAVE to overcome them in order to live our Purpose! It really takes a lot of courage and it takes a village to keep you inspired and focused

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6 months ago

Karin Roest

🍉INFLUENCERS: Your Online Course DONE in the next 30 minutes with me🍉

What do these famous people have in common:

⭐️Singer Christina Aguilera
⭐️Author Malcolm Gladwell
⭐️TV personality & chef Gordon Ramsay
⭐️Tennis maven Serena Williams
⭐️Designer Marc Jacobs...?

Answer: They all have online courses.

Are you ready to join the ranks with them too?

Yes, these once untouchable celebs and industry leaders have put on their teaching hats to give you homework, action plans, and coaching you directly on how to be the best just like they are in their respective fields.

Let me be clear though: This is NOT about becoming a celebrity like them or becoming one just because they are…

This isn’t even about creating an online course just because everyone else is doing it…

It’s about packing your wisdom so that you can impact millions of people while making more money with less stress so you can be creative and take control of every aspect of your life too.

The online education industry is predicted to reach $335 billion in the next 6 years. Are you ready to get your fair share of the pie?

At this rate, I believe that every smart influencer who stays ahead of the game will have their own online course as it’s the fastest revenue stream to make an unlimited amount of money and help an unlimited amount of people.

And the best part? It doesn’t have to take a lot of time:

🔥You already know your stuff, so I don’t need you to learn more

🔥Let’s get all of those brilliant ideas out of your brain into videos, audios, and documents that anyone anywhere on the planet can consume while you’re out chillin’ and relaxing

🔥Boldly say “No” to ungrateful clients and projects and have the luxury of saying “Yes” only to the work and people that inspire you

Today, I’ll walk you through step-by-step to create the structure and outline of your course then all you have to go do is record it. Bam.

If you’re still struggling to finish it please PM me to get my team and I work with you to get it done, or we’d love to show you the roadmap to market it to the masses so you can easily retarget clients to upgrade and purchase your premium offers too.

It’s time for you to stop repeating the same messages and information to your clients over and over and over…

Stop “doing pretty good,” and “Ok with where I’m at” isn’t good enough when you’re meant to be “Extraordinary” and have the income to match.

Wrapping up - Let’s talk about my Fame without Fallout Celebrity news that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve in your brand & business:

- Last week I talked about my conversation with 90’s rock band members about how automation & robots are primed to take our jobs in the future...well, John Oliver mentioned the topic again so here’s why it’s your turn

-Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper: The real reason why they look so lovey dovey off screen

-Selma Blair interview about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis = Purposely Famous to the max! BRAVO

Thanks for watching, PM me if you’re ready to get your online course DONE & level up as an influencer who has the ultimate level of free time, impact, & cash✌️
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Connie Loren Walker great info!

I would teach people how to love each other in my style of loving

Ok, drama, got it! :)

I just use my videos ,speaches,and talking sessions for therapy,to me and others that I believe it will help

How do I get to be someone who wants to be a giver of gifts cards and prepaid cards with money on it to help them along in life and how do I talk to people about like me being a doctor Ruth

Is there a particular computer program for on-line course that everyone uses

Perfectionism is Paralysis

The LA person sounds like I feel today

Yes my favorite kind of talk 😊

Robots didn't work well for Amazon when one ripped open the can of bear spray

I am about to DIG into the Research Study on Rev. Ike & using some of the Ideas he discussed during his lifetime.

Yeah, that is part of my problem. Someone put me and my son in danger during an investigation using my pic

Right I'm there for long term

Considering using the course layout as the basic course and adding specific one on one requested sessions for the remained of a one year course

Can a person be a Therapist for relationships like how to love your mate

I love Silence more too

What I have will only get worse

I don't have a computer I just have Android phone

I love being on camera wish more people would hire me for lol

Such interesting information!

My number is down now but I will email you my number karin

I have and I completely understand what she is going thru

I'm here to learn love hearing all u have to share learning alot

Love all that great intellectual conversation but I find alot though people get mad at u if u don't aggree with there side but I keep talking

thanks karin and see you tomorrow

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6 months ago

Karin Roest


I was invited this weekend to hang out at a festival with rock bands such as the Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, 311, Soul Asylum, and other rock bands from the 90’s.

I asked my assistant, “Have you heard of them before?”

She said, “Nope. I was born in the 90’s.”

Ouch. I think I’m officially old, lol 🙂

Even though these bands may not be headlining the Grammys these days either, our conversations about business, entrepreneurship, the future, and the life lessons they’ve learned from staying in the game for so long will change your business and life.

These band members and their crews have worked alongside David Bowie, U2, Prince, Madonna, and other icons and legends; they’ve seen it ALL.

And when I asked, “What makes these people successful and others not?”

Their answer will surprise you.

I’m excited to share their answers with you and my the biggest takeaways that help you create a lasting career and impact too.

If you’re not going to be a musician, these lessons can be life changing for you too.

Remember… fame is a system, so join us so you can stay ahead of the game and rock it out for many decades to come too.

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That’s good to know - sometimes it’s draining to be front and center

I'm always grumpy

me too, also wad victim, but changed my mindset and always working on it7

Great info!!!!

Right karin

That's great Info

Wow Right that kinda of cool


But if I am chosen to be a Moderator or speaker then I must learn

We always going need human contact as long as we humans are here but the world is changing

I'm getting the water 😂 lol


people buy on emotion and justify it with logic after

Right that's important

I Enrolled Today! 🔥💥💣🎀🙏🏆🗝️👑

My thing is being around a crowd I'm a to myself persons and believe I only need five people in my life

Listening make since Karin thanks

I have been mass blocking accounts on IG. Crazy number of spam/scam accounts


Agreed, not about the equipment, its how you use it

Hey Karin Roest

Very interesting information!


a little bit of action consistently will be key! I am excited to see where this venture will takeme

Hello Karin

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6 months ago

Karin Roest


We need to talk.

This is NOT my regular weekly business training…

But a discussion.

It’s an important one... about real issues… and I don’t have all the answers.

So I need your help.

From society to politics and culture, the #metoo movement to gun violence and Black Lives Matter, to gender equality, equal pay, cyberbullying, and everything in between…

The truth is: The “F” word (FAME) is at the center of it all.

We live in a world where 3.2 billion people have access to the internet, so YOU...as you read this right now wherever you are, no matter where you’re from, no matter what you’re doing... are Visible. Known. Recognized. AKA FAMOUS.


How can we, collectively as a society, use this virtual arena for the greater good?

Or will we sit back and let the haters, spammers, and the misinformed run the show?

And why are there still so many problems in the world, when 50% of the earth’s population can put our heads together to connect, dialog, and… from what I’d think, create intelligent solutions together?

I believe that everyone has a purpose that can change the world… and a story that can inspire millions.

I’ve seen firsthand that it is worth working hard to have an insane level of visibility, exposure, and influence so that solving the world’s biggest problems are no longer a goal, but achieved.

Because the days of the random, “Oh my gosh, I woke up and I’m a famous superstar with millions in the bank and millions of followers!” are over.

Listen, we’ve all seen people that want to be famous for fame’s sake… trashy celebrities and reality TV stars that ruin the word “Fame” for all of us.

Meanwhile, no one can deny the Oprah’s, Bill Gates’, Richard Branson’s, and Malala Yousafi’s of the world who make reaching the highest level of PURPOSEFUL fame a worthy position to be in.

Because at the end of the day, if it’s not you… it’s your kids, your grandparents, your friends, colleagues, and your enemies that will take the stage if you don’t.

🦸‍♀️So... WHAT ABOUT YOU?🦸‍♂️

What do you stand for… or will you let others choose for you?

Will you use the arena to become known for something meaningful, or will you let it all pass by and perhaps become known for nothing at all?

How will you contribute to the conversation… are you a part of the problem or the solution?

***Everyone is welcome to comment BUT please be respectful and tolerant of differing opinions so we can build each other up, not down. Anything hurtful, spiteful, or malicious will be deleted.


I worked behind the scenes, creating fame for celebrities & public figures for 15 years.

But jet setting around the world with the rich & famous was not fulfilling… in fact, it left me feeling desperately empty inside.

So I had I do something drastic.

I left the “real” world to do a year of meditation in silence (yep, no talking, reading, or writing for the entire year) to find a deeper purpose and meaning in my life.

The result of this is PURPOSELY FAMOUS: First, it’s about knowing your purpose, your self-worth, and value. Then, if you want to want to know a proven system on how to inspire millions with your message, I give trainings that help you get there faster.

Now, I’m on a mission to redefine fame in a positive & purposeful way and provide a platform for authentic people to inspire millions with their story.

So... If you’re up for sharing your story, let me know 🙂
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this is why I love and admire u!!! keep giving us all these lessons so we don't have to learn the hard way

You have a very very kind kind heart

I survived and abusive 1st marriage, 2nd husband passing suddenly. I struggle with physical and mental illness and have had to completely rethink what I do and how I do it.

I want to be purposely famous to help people use my stories and experiences to empower them and guide them to abundance on all levels

I'm a Success Shamaness here to help professional women breakthrough ruts to find purpose, active their feminine power and manifest an EPIC, aligned life!

I worked for over 20 years seeing people at their worst

what an authenticity.

Honestly Thank you so very much

we have so much to learn from each other

the healing process is not a one-time deal... you will keep hitting different levels of impact the trauma had on you; but the strength comes when we just allow ourselves to understand and feel it so that we can move through

Amazing how these experiences humble us and give us perspective on the responsibility we have to use our platform for good

We started at the smallest situation to the biggest and focus on that one speaks thing until it's a good created way or thing Be Encouraged


I grew up with an abusive mother and it trickled down to even the "friends that I had growing up. I was surrounded by people who constantly called me stupid and ugly. I worked really hard to get people like that out of my life. But then 5 years ago I married a man that became verbally and physically abusive. (I've divorced him by the way) These experiences have taught me to be strong and not to care about what people think of me. It has pushed me to be fierce and unapologetic in my flaws. My goal is to empower and motivate people who feel the way that I have felt and help them take their power back and love the person that they are.

i need to be purposely famous to help people to have the life they want. they already have all they need to live abondance in all area of their life. I just help them to make emerge this power.

Because it keeps bothering you and it's understandable and you keep going through the thought of it

thank you for sharing

which is similar to my mission and desire for the vulnerable

We're created to be

You were in the worst places at the worst possible times. Your luck is like mine

Small group so far are those who want social justice and empowerment

It's happening now and your taking the first steps which is the a major move Karin keep going don't quit at this just meet the people right where they are and I help everyone one I come in contact with and my goals are men women and children from 0 121 and To build people up on there faith and who they

Your heart is felt. 🎶🙏🏻

Hello from Canada 🇨🇦

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7 months ago

Karin Roest

🚀FAST TRACK YOUR INFLUENCE with Authority Statements🚀
At Purposely Famous, we love the “HUMBLE BRAG.”

It’s not for vanity or ego.

I promise you there is a good reason that you must talk about how awesome you are, or even better, and there’s a way to get other people to say great things about you instead (really!).

Your success depends on it.

And the world will be a better place for it too.

There is so much noise out there…

Everyone has tons of credentials, titles, and accolades…

How do you stand out above the rest?

If you just had the perfect audience put in front of you, you’d change their life in a way that no one else can, right?

But there are a few things you need to know, so here’s what I’ll share with you:

💡Why it’s so important to master the “humble brag” so you get placed at the head of the table

💡When it’s the right time and place to show off your best or prove your authority by taking a backseat

💡How to bring forward your best attributes and sound brilliant instead of boastful

💡How to write Authority Statements that make you sound like a genius that everyone wants to be around

I’ve gone from feeling invisible and dorky to having top CEO’s, Hollywood agents, and high-powered executives in Hong Kong, London, and Dubai give me a seat in the boardroom next to them for me.

I’ve positioned countless “kind of” known DJs, artists and performers to become well-known industry names over the years.

And if you know what I know…

You’ll get there, AND I’m confident you’ll give back to those in need. You’ll enjoy the ride but since it hasn’t been easy, you’ll remember where you came from and fight to make it easier so the rest have to struggle less in the next round.

I’ll share tips, tactics, and mindset hacks that help you build your influence and gain the respect of the people that you admire, so feeling competent, powerful, and ready to conquer the world is your only option moving forward.🏍

After growing up in a small farm town feeling like a nobody...

I jet set around the world for 15 years working behind the scenes with Grammy Award Winning Musicians, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, New York Times Bestselling authors, and award-winning philanthropists, journalists, and scientists.

And you know what?

The biggest lesson I learned is that these superstars are no different than you and me.
But they’ve always had someone behind the scenes helping them make their big break. And now I want to be that person for you.

PM me to learn more about the trainings I offer to help you build a Purposeful business that changes the world.
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Comment on Facebook

Cheryl Moses Keylun Cruz

Let’s watch together


Connie Loren Walker Conora Shaw

Hey Lady! :)

Worst part of job interview "tell me about yourself"

I did not watch

My name is Twanna

Hey lady!

I did not watch any of it

I'm woman lol😊



you are so inspiring

Oh wow Right 😂


hi Karin !

Thanks for the Support


Always uncomfortable about any brag even humble

Hey Karin Roest

What is humble brag

Elena Rhodes

Authority Statement: Shakena has 17 years of sales experience. She has worked with over 30 fortune 500 companies of all shapes and sizes. As a call center representative, the learned to increase revenue by 200% for one of her employers. She then went on to coach and develop struggling sales reps into top producing sales that. Her training was so effective many of her trainees were promoted into leadership positions.

Im so excited about what Im learning here that Im ready to BUST at the seams and I don't care how I look any longer. I know Im a great person in my heart and it feels good to finally bragg about how good looking I am and super smart, too, and funny, and loving, and authentic!

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7 months ago

Karin Roest

Without feeling offended, defensive or hurt

Have you ever been hurt by someone who doesn’t see you how much you’re trying to help them?

Or so angry ‘cause they misunderstand you that you want to strangle them (in your mind, of course...lol😜)?

You know who they are.

They’re those whiners, complainers, haters, trolls, and critics that blame you for everything instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

They defame your character, your values, and it feels like their hurtful comments will ruin your reputation in cyberspace forever.

This might happen to you online in social media posts, over the phone with a prospect, or in person at a live event.


None of this is permanent.

None of this is worth feeling bad about.

You have a higher level of consciousness, so I'm sharing with you ways to protect your peace and shine your light brighter than ever before.

You CAN get to a point when nasty people’s comments fly in one ear and out the other…

And you can learn how to use their words as 🔥fuel🔥 to ignite your success…

And have fun with it too.

Celebrities have publicists to deal with this for them.

They write their social media rebuttals for them, or tell them when to ignore, delete, or fight back.

So who’s in your corner to help you through this?

Who’s on your side?


I helped celebrities handle their reputations and images in the public eye for many years. I

I am in your corner.

Don’t try and do this alone! You need a trained professional to help you navigate this too if you want to stay bulletproof confident as you join the ranks to become a top influencer too.

So tell me:

-How have people tried to bring you down in the past?
-What did you learn from it?
-After watching this free training, what will you do to move past the hate to become a better person?


Please PM me if you want my help to:

➡️Kiss your corporate 9-5 job good-bye and become your own boss – FOREVER

➡️Clarify your messaging in a way that aligns with everything you sell into one signature system – your book, online course, speaking topics, workshops, live events, and TED talks – so you never have to reinvent “the wheel” again

➡️Know exactly what to say, how to dress, and how to get exposure in the media & publicity, not only because of what you do, but also because of who you are

➡️Know how to get paid 5-figure speaking fees, get 6-figure book deals, and parlay that into million dollar advances for the next book and New York Times Bestselling author titles

➡️Run your business on autopilot using the best online tools with the most qualified team to run it for you, so that you never have to worry about money again

➡️Finally let go of that old identity ingrained in you from your family, school, and job that doesn’t serve you anymore and step into the spotlight just for being you...

❤️Stay Purposely Famous...love ya!❤️
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Comment on Facebook

No swearing just a lot of sarcasm and dark humor from me

Hi Karin

Always do you


My word would be real

Hi thank you for sharing ..would like to get some info: on cost for packaging and training thank you


Paper, pen, and coffee ready

Good eveing

Good advice!

Exactly be who you are

Omg...i though you change it to 7pm🤦🏾

Right make since karin

You are very inspirational

Thank you for your message

Is my word Thank you so much

My question is how do deal staying vibrant for your Audience

My is family

I had one comment on a selfie "Do you sell sex?" Reported, blocked and deleted

This was much needed Karin thank you for your time. Very wise words of wisdom..

I just found out something horrible about my past, preparing to deal with it

My name Twanna

Wow really that's sad to me that they do that

That's good Karin thank you

Very inspiring words and I'm not even there yet Karin

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7 months ago

Karin Roest

📸HOW TO 10x YOUR INCOME FROM PUBLIC SPEAKING (Secrets that the Speakers Bureaus don’t tell you!)📸

One of the biggest mistakes people with a message to share with the world make is…

...not knowing how to monetize their speaking gigs so that their impact lasts for way more than the 30-60 minute speech.

It’s not just about making money, of course, but helping people internalize your message and offer more support before and after the speech so they get transformational results from it - by selling more books, getting people to join your trainings, building a connection with the audience so they want to follow you on social media and come back to watch your next speech.

Then it’s a win-win for all as it takes time to create a lasting change in people, and now they have multiple ways to feel inspired again because you went the extra mile to make your message stick.

When I worked full-time at a speakers bureau, this is what I helped 6-7 figure public speakers create.

You see...

-If you don’t know the right opportunities to look for to enhance your impact from multiple revenue streams...
-If you don’t know what questions to ask to get the best slot in the speaker line-up
-If you don’t know how to leverage the many opportunities to monetize the speaking gig that are around you ALL THE TIME…

How do you expect to stand out as a respected influencer amongst all the other noise out there?

You’ll basically rely on luck.

And we both know…

...Luck isn’t a very good strategy.


Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to magically change the world with your message, watch this free training to find out:

-Why it’s about becoming known for a specific message, not just for public speaking

-How to stand out with the gatekeepers, the people that book you to speak, so they give you the #1 spot on the stage (Hint: They hold the keys!)

-Discover the top questions to ask that 10x your profits by selling more books, trainings, retreats, and that make you the no-brainer choice to get rebooked for more speeches in the future

-Learn why creating innovative think-outside-of-the-box revenue streams that build long lasting relationships before and after your speech is critical to your success


Having worked with many of the world’s highly paid 6-7 figures paid speakers as a talent agent, I know all of the strategies, techniques and insights that help you package your wisdom and achieve these high levels of success.
Purposely Famous trainings are designed to help ordinary people like YOU who have a purposeful message, service, or product, strategically build and run a successful business so that whatever you have to offer to the world creates the space, income, and impact it deserves.

Once you master the Purposely Famous System, you’ll stop avoiding amazing opportunities because you have a FRAMEWORK that keeps you organized, confident, and operating at 100% of your potential (instead of 80%…you know who you are!)

PLEASE *PM* ME for more information on how to work closer with me, let’s do it!
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Comment on Facebook

What is my MAIN Message that I can use FIRST?


You’re speaking my Language!!! Thank you for this

I have taught many classes on safety


How important is it to have a highlight reel?

Hiya, sorry, I'm here.

Thank you Karin Roest! Chat soon! Bye P.F. Fam! 👑

Quick Question: So if I just had a Message, that would or could get me Booked? I have a book, 7 Things You Need To Know Before Saying, ' I Do'?

Yes! Yes!

Still learning.... But other people have invited me, but I have not been trained formally.

That is what I have been doing. The general information has stayed the same.

I really didn't want to be one though, maybe why it's been taking me so long to do it.... I have a few messages, but what are the Core 3 in me? Which one is VITAL to the time & VIBRATION of the Day?

Thank you for your inspiring words your beautiful and amazing

Can you speak about the point where a speaker would start courting agents?


Even Churches?

Hi everyone

Such an amazing job presenting here! Wonderful as always.


Yes! I have been doing that work, healing and Building my Confidence/Self-esteem....

Hey Guys & Gals!

Yeah, I do!


Problems & Dreams?

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7 months ago

Karin Roest

... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

so beauty

Nice picture!

7 months ago

Karin Roest

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7 months ago

Karin Roest


Does this sound familiar?

Between work, family, responsibilities, you’re still nowhere near reaching your financial goals. It’s not for a lack of trying; You’ve repeated your money affirmations, over, and over, and over before. You’ve invested in the “best” education that “promised” the big paycheck, but the job sucked so much it wasn’t worth staying. You’ve bought so many courses, used all the free materials online, but still haven’t been able to make a steady income doing what you love yet.

Why not?

I can almost hear you now. “I just want to be able to go to the gym when I want, stop having to deal with other people’s B.S., and have enough free time to take my family around the world on a well-deserved vacation… or two.”

If you’re like most people I’ve worked with, there’s a good chance you’re holding the keys that unlock the door to access your very own PURPOSELY rich gold mine right now.

So what if you knew how to open that door and keep it open FOREVER so you feel energized, strong, fit, savvy, and confident every day?

What if monetary, spiritual, and emotional riches flowed into your life without having to try so hard and you never worried about getting underpaid or overworked again?

I’ll give you a hint: The answer to find your PURPOSELY rich gold mine lies in the negatives, positives, and the most extreme places that few people dare to go.

Please watch this and share your biggest takeaway in the comments; and let’s get you on a solid path to embrace your Infinite Power to be PURPOSELY rich.


I, Karin Roest, was raised in a small farm town then jet set around the world with celebrities for 15 years as a Celebrity Talent Scout and Global Producer. Longing for something more meaningful, I meditated in silence for 1-year as a Buddhist nun in Myanmar (Burma). Now, merging the best of both worlds as a Thought Leadership Strategist and Coach, I share practical trainings that help you flip negative thoughts into positive core beliefs so you can take back your power and effortlessly create an amazing life in today’s modern world.

Please PM me if you’re interested in getting my help to bulletproof your money mindset and build the Purposeful & Profitable business of your dreams! This is more than just coaching or mentorship, you need a proven system to make this happen, so message me to find out more about how you can join the ranks of your biggest role models today.
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hi karin

🙋hi, I know I probably shouldn't be saying this but it hurt my heart to know that there was so many people trying to tell me that it was my responsibility to keep my husband in line for several years

I want to freckling see myself up on stage and help people. How do I get up there? I have travel and been places, but I want to see myself make it! I want to make a difference before my time to depart from here to the next soulful planet .

ELEVATE Your Vibe!

Yesss...the pendulum. I tell people that all the time


But again....I guess this is mindset work, which is what I said I needed. 💜

I am sorry I couldn't be present. Things are not as sweet as honey, but I am managing. I will listen to the video and keep up with it. Have a great week. Mahan Katrina Frances

Very interesting!


Schindler's List has long been a favorite. I love the generosity and love of someone living through an incredibly difficult time.

So true

Me neither, it TAKES WORK!!

Even recently I had a conversation over dinner with my parents where they reacted instantly and emphatically that they did not want me to be like "those people," i.e. the rich. We never knew or interacted with any rich people so I had a hard time thinking of them as normal like me. I now realize that because of the perceived distance between us I wouldn't have given them the chance.

Look for an attitude of gratitude




Hey Karin Roest 😘😘😍

Hello Karin from Canada 🇨🇦

I need to value my DEBT

In my family there is a lot of bragging about how cheaply we got stuff. I totally do this!

Love it!


I have no place to sleep until today and I made it a point to park my car in very affluent areas to make myself feel worth every moment with my idea that I am worth it! I have only frequent the very rich areas to feel more uplifted not down. yeah!!!

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7 months ago

Karin Roest


🌀Join me for my Free Facebook Live Training every Monday, January 7 at 2 pm EST🌀

During this holiday season, I had a lot of time to reflect about how to how to kickstart 2019 with a bang with you.

And it seems like the big buzzword that isn't going away is how to become an "Influencer" so that the respect, opportunities & money comes you to instead of you having to chase after them.

But if you don't have the right foundation & purpose to do this...

If you don't know the secrets that the established influencers already know but aren't telling you...

You may never reach the hundreds to thousands to millions of people that need to hear your story and message.

The world can be judgmental, critical, and superficial...

But it doesn't have to be. With the right guidance and insider info, you can take charge to make sure that the right Tribe is on your side so that nothing stops you from making the impact that you are born to make.

Join me here about the 3 SECRETS TO BECOME PURPOSELY INFLUENTIAL and learn:

🌟Why there is room for you in the upper echelons with the most Influential people in the world, no matter where you come from

🌟Networking secrets that inspire other people want to help you sell more products, services, and spread your mission for you

🌟How to position yourself to be seen as an equal with other top Influencers, Celebrities, and Public Figures, even if you don't have a lot of money, time, or resources.

Hope to see you there!

A little bit about us:

Purposely Famous is first and foremost about bringing more equality to the planet by bridging the gap to ensure that all people, whether you're in the spotlight or not, feel equal in self-worth and value.

We provide trainings that help committed visionaries create a customized path to sell more books, get paid more for their speeches, create online courses & workshops, and build a following so they can inspire more people with their message and story.

We'd love to be a catalyst in your journey to help you build a world-class purposeful & profitable business. Please PM me if you're interested in getting our help to help you finally get results and make the impact you were born to make!
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Even if I'm a big goof ball? I'm afraid of showing my crazy, which is my comfort zone! I love making people laugh....

Listen to people. Amplify their dreams. Build your audience. Get paid.

We all Bloom different times

🤩committing to be purposeful in 2019!🤩

Looking forward to it!

My biggest takeaway: That we can reach ANYONE through a connected story. <3

Hi Karen, I am glad to be here and to learn.

I wanna show up then get a pay check!! 😁😁

Karin - I have to head out to my next meeting. So many great nuggets today, thank you!!

People believe that listening to an influencer will help them achieve what they want. So focus on hearing people what people want, helping them achieve that, so you can practice being that influencer.

I way behind and just getting started

Hii!! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 I’m excited to know what I’ll be doing every month and every quarter!!

☁️ 🌥 ⛅️ 🌤 ☀️

Very eager!

Hi Karin! Thank you for your work with us today in the Launch Your Purposeful Business call. I'm excited about being "Purposeful for [my]self", surrendering to the spirit of who I really am, and diving deeper into my relationship with my audiences. <3

Hi Karina

Thank you for your time in launching. Well worth listening to and interesting.

You saved the best for last. Lol


With my husbands record from New Mexico to Kansas that has put a lot of strain on certain things

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8 months ago

Karin Roest

I know I’m not the only person who is a *hot mess* yet can still change lives for the better…

So don’t leave me hanging...are ya’ with me?

In fact, this is the reality for everyone to some degree…

But not everyone shows it.

And for those who don’t, they’ll reach a ceiling on their impact and visibility sooner than later…

Because we all know that no one is perfect, so if you’re only showing the perfect side of you, we’re just not buying it.

So in this free Facebook live training, Monday, Dec. 17 at 2 pm EST, I’m excited share to with you 4 steps on how you can integrate your own kinda “crazy” into your own brand so that you stand out as a powerful leader who is skilled in being yourself publicly + adding value to your audience so they want to buy from you with integrity, and not come across as a know-it-all perfectionist that no one can relate to.

So, whether you’re:

_____________ (Fill in the blank with your own definition of Crazy!)

I promise you there is a way to integrate those pesky habits, behaviors, and experiences that you thought would be your downfall so they become your biggest and most valued treasures.
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8 months ago

Karin Roest



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Second time listening. I always get something new. How can I put all of my videos into one single category on Facebook like you have. They are about my book only. For the purpose of teaching my audience. Thank You! Frances Mahan Katrina Frances

9 months ago

Karin Roest


There is no busier time in the year than the holidays...

And that doesn't make the reality of life sometimes any easier:

- Not enough money to stop living paycheck to paycheck, let alone by your loved ones their desired Christmas gifts

- Or maybe you've got the cash but not the free time...you're working around the clock in a dead end 9-5 job or still not getting enough clients

- You don't feel like you can set proper boundaries or say "no" to the over demanding relatives, spouse, kids, boss, boyfriend/girlfriend

- Or you're not feeling too great; getting sick or suffering from a disease, frustrated that you don't have the energy to accomplish all that you want

- Maybe you just feel stuck...procrastinating or avoiding the stuff that needs to get done, knowing you're playing a smaller role than you're born to do.

If any of these apply to you...


I've been there.

But I promise you...

You're here for a bigger purpose than what you're doing now and you know it too.

There are ways to deal with ALL of these curveballs from life threaten to hold you back from your greatness...

And your future depends on it.

In this video I share some practical tips on how to deal with all of this plus:

- Deal with family and friends that don't "get" you or support you

- How to be productive & organized when there seems like there isn't enough time in the day

- How to deal with serious illnesses and still run a profitable and purposeful business

- Why facing super tough situations - abusive relationships, a dried up bank account, depression, and the worst things you can ever think of don't need to stop you from making money and helping people along the way.


Every Monday at 2pm EST and click here to join: bit.ly/PFTrainings.

I hope you find this helpful!
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9 months ago

Karin Roest


Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving full of food, fun, and lots of fantastic moments!🍽️🍾🥇🌻🌾


If you have an important message to share with the world:

- Maybe it's based off your own story, sharing your struggles and lessons you've learned that have made you the powerful force for good that you are today

- Maybe you have a brilliant new paradigm, concept, or idea that will challenge the status quo

- Maybe this is meant to be your legacy that will live on to impact generations for many years to come...

Then you should DEFINITELY write a book.


Statistics show that 80% of Americans says they want to write a book - that's 200 million, and only 1 million on average per year actually do it (that's .005% that actually do it)


Out of those 1 million people who actually finish writing their book, only 250 authors sell more than 100,000 copies, and the rest won't sell more than 2,000 copies in their LIFETIME.

If you do the math, that means over 99% of people aren't breaking even and equally as bad, their stories aren't reaching the readers who need their inspiration.

These stats break my heart.

If you've ever tried writing a book, you know much much time, money, and energy goes into writing it, editing it, publishing it, designing it, and promoting it.

You need to sell LOTS of copies to get an ROI.

So today, I want to share the NEW, MODERN business model so you can join the top 1% that not only make a huge return on their investment of time, money, and energy when writing their book...

BUT THEY ALSO START A MOVEMENT FOR THE MASSES, get the media and your biggest influencers chasing you, and you'll finally know you're reaching your fullest potential and going what you were born to do as an influential author and thought leader.

So yes, charging at least $100 PER BOOK is just the beginning.

There are ways that you can charge much more too...


Please watch and enjoy!
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10 months ago

Karin Roest

So proud of Geoffrey Owen who was not ashamed to work in Trader Joe's to make ends meet in between acting jobs.

He handled the criticism with such grace!

That's when things start to work in your favor...more opportunities come, just like they have come to him now.

I believe his type of humble behavior can benefit anyone who is not afraid to let their guard down...

That's what is means to be #purposelyfamousActor Geoffrey Owens was publicly humiliated - and then supported - when photos of him working at a Trader Joe’s went viral. Now he’s telling Steve what he’s...
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Video image


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10 months ago

Karin Roest


How can you truly feel worthy of getting paid for your purpose and making a big impact?

Are you really worth it or not?

Well, one thing is for sure...

If you don't feel worthy, it'll never happen.

Please watch below for today's free FB live training so you can build a stronger foundation to get fairly compensated for the priceless value you share with the world.

And November 19, the Thought Leadership Incubator program starts where we can work together for only $99 a month! Listen for more details about that.

AND Fame without Fallout is back...where I share celebrity gossip in a way that helps you build your brand and business...

We need to talk about the Megyn Kelly Blackface situation and how it affects you too.

Please watch and enjoy!
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10 months ago

Karin Roest

This is what it really means to be PURPOSELY FAMOUS:

BRAVERY: This sweet-hearted girl who stutters is speaking out on public television

STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Did I mention she's doing this on PUBLIC TV?!

BE VULNERABLE: Let your guard down, be honest, and people will authentically want to help you in return

ASK FOR HELP: Don't be afraid to ask for help...when you know you'll be a better person if you get help, put your needs first and ASK FOR IT

BE STRATEGIC: Don't guess, get advice from people who know what you've been through as they'll share a proven system to help you get better results

LOVE: You can tell that Steve Harvey really wanted to help this girl...and she was ready to receive that help.

Everyone has a story worth hearing, so whether it's me, you, or the neighbor down the street or across the world...let's listen, love, and be brave just a little bit more 🙏


Join us in the Purposely Famous Network group today at 2 pm EST to learn about an opportunity to work with me for ONLY $99!When an audience member shared her struggle with stuttering, Steve got personal and shared his own battle in the past. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEV...
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10 months ago

Karin Roest

It's not always easy being Purposely Famous...

Sometimes it's physically painful, such as when you have an illness like Multiple Sclerosis.

But it is powerful when you can share what you are going through...the ups and downs of it...

And if your story can inspire others to overcome their own pain too, even better.

Thank you #selmablair for your bravery and inspiration 💪💘🙏The 46-year-old actress takes to Instagram to share how she is dealing with the autoimmune disease. Plus, get the details on Selma's new Netflix show "Anothe...
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Video image


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I love when famous people share there hearts and journey through wellness. Vulnerability is strength.💜

10 months ago

Karin Roest


I like nice things as much as anyone else...

But I also love to save money when I can, especially if that gives me more freedom, free time, or resources to make more money and help more people in the future.

Running a Purposeful business does NOT always have to cost a lot of money, especially in the beginning.

In fact, how much you spend should be YOUR choice, especially before you make your big breakthrough or if you're just starting out...

Breaking the bank before you have access to the cash or giving into the illusion that it needs to be expensive is exactly what will keep you stuck, so today I'm here to set the record straight on how to make an impact without all of the pricey distractions.

Please watch to learn my 5 best Tips on how to save money to make more money in your Purposely business.


"Karin Roest received her master’s degree from Columbia University which compliments her career as a producer and celebrity talent scout for Grammy award-winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, TED talk speakers, best selling authors, and renowned philanthropists. Applying the same strategies and mindsets that contribute to their success to herself and her clients, she helps big thinkers and thought leaders transform their boldest thoughts into businesses that change the world."

If you're ready to follow a proven system to make a big impact, check out my free training on the 5 Steps to become Purposely Famous & Inspire Millions with your Message: bit.ly/2B80AHR
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Ok now I see yvw Karin Roest..


Hi ma'am thank you for your educational video


You are so good at presenting Karin!

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10 months ago

Karin Roest

JIM CARREY and so many other celebrities once lived on a shoestring budget too.

Running a business doesn't have to cost tons of money, you can start building your influence right now no matter how much or littler you have in your bank account.

Please join us in the Purposely Famous Network Facebook group at 2 pm EST today on my free Facebook Live training about:


Hope to see you there!

www.facebook.com/groups/PurposelyFamousNetwork/Every person around you is a teacher - even comedian and actor Jim Carrey. Look back at a past Oprah Show interview with Jim where he describes how visualiza...
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11 months ago

Karin Roest


Please comment below to support Ziggy Holland for bravely being our guest in today's FB live!

And enlighten us with your biggest takeaways and share this video for extra bonus points to be selected as the winner for this week, WOOHOO!

We got cut off at the end, so let's recap how this can help you:

First, this is very common.

You meet people that need your help...you give them your all, you help them for free, you go out of your way to give life-changing advice...

Then, they reject you. It's your fault, they turn on your or blame you. They get defensive. They don't appreciate you...

And it's F.R.US.T.R.A.T.I.N.G.

This is common until learn you some basics & boundaries on how to protect yourself:

1. Not everyone will support you...nor should they. Everyone can be a prospect or advocate though, so as you exclude the wrong people which allows you to focus on finding the right people that appreciate you, send the rest away with love.

2. Ask yourself: Why does their rejection bother you? Where does that come from? Hint: They are a reflection of the unresolved issues you have with yourself...so deal with resolving the core issues from the past asap.

3. Ask yourself: Who do you want to be in these types of situations? Who do need to step up to embody in order to spread your message in a more effective way?

4. Set your standards first: You're here to be a catalyst for transformation. Stand in the eye of the storm with your light so you don't get sucked into their darkness and blindspots.

5. Don’t react to them, don't take anything personally, don’t make assumptions. We're all raised on different definitions of words, give them the benefit of the doubt until...

5. Ask questions about their intentions and what they meant to convey. Seek to understand before letting their ignorance take away your peace.

6. Ask for permission before sharing advice or your opinion. Don't try and fix them! Share your wisdom with those who will appreciate it.

We talked about how to start getting paid for bringing together a community of people, when and how to move from 1-1 mentoring to groups, and how to get on a path to make passive income so you can have more free time & cash.

Big thanks if you've posted in the Purposely Famous Network recently, hold on tight as we'll get back to you soon! 🙂
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Great video for inspirational Mondays - my take aways: - speak with integrity - don't take anything personally - don't make any assumptions (ask questions) - be a ball of energy so people are attracted to you, shine your light - and always do your best and stand in my power the video was cut off at the end.1

Hi Karin, I miss you dear!

11 months ago

Karin Roest

I believe in the power of positivity...

Especially when it comes to spam, haters, and critics 🙂

Post publicly on my Purposely Famous posts and sometimes if it's too dark with negativity or ignorance, I might delete them.

But when I see an opportunity to educate and set the record straight that people with purpose can truly change the world...

I'm more than happy to take a few moments to respond.

Celebrities like Oprah, Ellen and many others say they don't read comments from their critics...

And maybe one day I'll stop too.

But right now, I want to use my freedom to express positivity as much as the haters don't hesitate to share their junk.

How can we change the world if people with purpose sit back and let the trolls run the show?

Bring. It. On.

Do you have any others ideas on how we can come together to spread messages of love, empathy, and power?

Purposely Famous is a growing community...but it starts with you 🏋️‍♂️🔥🎊🙏

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I believe in the power of positivity...

Especially when it comes to spam, haters, and critics :)

Post publicly on my Purposely Famous posts and sometimes if its too dark with negativity or ignorance, I might delete them.

But when I see an opportunity to educate and set the record straight that people with purpose can truly change the world...

Im more than happy to take a few moments to respond.

Celebrities like Oprah, Ellen and many others say they dont read comments from their critics...

And maybe one day Ill stop too.

But right now, I want to use my freedom to express positivity as much as the haters dont hesitate to share their junk.

How can we change the world if people with purpose sit back and let the trolls run the show?

Bring. It. On. 

Do you have any others ideas on how we can come together to spread messages of love, empathy, and power?

Purposely Famous is a growing community...but it starts with you 🏋️‍♂️🔥🎊🙏



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I used to do that on my fanpage. It might work for you. For me people only became angrier and still didn't pick up the message, and when you respond to them you become less valuable in their eyes. They are too used to celebrities who won't give them the time of day, and that's what they respect...

11 months ago

Karin Roest

Why Fear of Success Holds you Back More than the Fear of Failure ... See MoreSee Less


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Great stuff!! 43:50 Major "ah ha" moment 🎁💯🙏😊 Thank you....

OMG yes, I fear success. It sounds stupid, and I never consciously thought about it or why. But I think it's because with success comes a lot of pressure, responsibility and obligations. I fear getting overwhelmed and unable to deal with it or live up to it. I'll have to rise to a new level that I'm not sure I can handle.

Yes to business class! (Of course my ears perk up on expensive stuff.)

So beautiful and inspiring

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11 months ago

Karin Roest

HOW TO CLARIFY YOUR BIG IDEA (The Purposely Famous Method)

There’s a lot of gurus out there that talk about finding your Big Idea…

But is it really necessary for you to find?
Or have you ever wondered: Is it really “findable?” As if “Poof!” you just stumble upon it one day and everything aligns and falls into place?

I will honestly tell you in this video, so please watch and enjoy!
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This is a REALLY good video.

Thanks for helping me find better ideas. 💜💙

11 months ago

Karin Roest

Who smiled bigger? I think this skeleton just beat me, lol😜🧟‍♀️👑🌈🤹‍♂️

#hotelparquemexico #dayofthedead #smile
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Who smiled bigger? I think this skeleton just beat me, lol😜🧟‍♀️👑🌈🤹‍♂️

#hotelparquemexico #dayofthedead #smile


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You are too funny.


Dope photo!

11 months ago

Karin Roest


Who are you WITHOUT your skills, passions, interests, and talents...

And why is it critical to peel back the curtain this far in order to truly make the difference that you are capable of making?

Sure, there are successful people who started out doing a lot of things before they got to this level of depth and inspire others through their own transformation. But they usually endure a lot of stress along the way or it took many, many years to get to the heart of what they do.

But what if you had a shortcut?

What if you could achieve the same influence, wealth, and impact without having to go through years of chasing after outward accolades, and spending endless hours in the office trying to figure it all out, missing out on opportunities, paychecks, and fulfillment in the meantime?

In this video, I’m sharing why it’s so important to get on a path to get paid for who you are now instead of what you do later.

It’s not only about the money, that is NOT the end goal, but it is an essential tool in the journey that allows you to reach your fullest potential and have enough free time without stress to achieve what you want, in the way you want.

And you’re worth it, aren’t you?
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I'm interest g

Thank you!

12 months ago

Karin Roest

A bright reminder that every day is perfectly designed to end beautifully

#curacao #curacaonorthseajazzfestival #sunset
... See MoreSee Less

A bright reminder that every day is perfectly designed to end beautifully 

#curacao #curacaonorthseajazzfestival #sunset

1 years ago

Karin Roest

Who is your favorite celebrity or public figure that has a rags to riches story?

It's easy to think that people in the limelight already had it so easy...

As if their fame or impact was handed to them on a silver platter.

But that is rarely the case.

Please watch this and after I'd love to hear about the influencers that had to fight for their purposeful fame that have inspired you to do better too!
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I heard Robert Downey Jr.'s story recently and was really impressed by his perception of his reality.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Love him.

Hi Karin, sorry to hear you need surgery, I hope for a speedy recovery, also consider using a neck cover for X-rays as well whenever you visit the dentist to cover the thyroid just saying might help not irritate it 🙂 not a doc. just did a little research myself.

Thanks for staying authentic Karin Roest — I’ll DM you some inspiration.

Walt Disney is my TOP favorite stories of rags to riches <3

Awww gosh ur raw emotion is inspiring- u pushed thru it - wow such commitment and vulnerability 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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1 years ago

Karin Roest


Is your fear of being visible holding you back from reaching your next level of success?

You know you're meant to do more, achieve more, earn more, and succeed more.

If this sounds like you please watch this video and give it a like!
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Before watching your video I had just come across a saying, ‘Keep the end result in mind ‘ This is helping me to slowly work through my own fears that come up as I work towards my dreams . Thank you 🙏

1 years ago

Karin Roest


As you watch this and learn the best and the worst from Hollywood, it's good to think...

Do I fully believe in myself?

Do I believe others are better than I am and that fame is only available for the lucky few?

Well, I'll tell you with total confidence that fame is a practice.

It's a system.

And no one is perfect (not even your favorite celebrities) so that is good news for you.

In today's Fame Without Fallout video, I'm sharing some important lessons that help you:

-Build your own platform
-Feel less judged by the public
-How to start a movement
-And how to use your influence in a positive way to overcome tragic situations.

I'm so grateful for you and your determination to make a bigger impact in the world.

Please watch and have a great weekend!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest


Are you setting boundaries, standing up for your core principles and values, and setting the tone for the people who work for you or pay you?

This is the foundation of your FREEDOM.

Because the old saying is true... "If you give people an inch, they'll take a mile!"

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can take your power back NOW, please watch to see the practical strategies I share with you!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Can't believe I just found this tiny lovely cafe with this delicious food rifht around the corner from my house!

Often good things are right in front of us but sometimes so hard to find💕🍴

#eathealthy #behealthy
... See MoreSee Less

Cant believe I just found this tiny lovely cafe with this delicious food rifht around the corner from my house! 

Often good things are right in front of us but sometimes so hard to find💕🍴

#eathealthy #behealthy


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What is the name? It looks lovely

This is so beautiful.

Looks delicious and I love there's a flower! The whole thing looks like a flower 🌺

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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Are you meant to be Purposely Famous and get paid for your wisdom, message, skills, and story with the world 🌎 in a BIGGER way?

But this is NOT about empty fame. This is about sharing insider strategies and techniques, to help YOU build a profitable AND purposeful business.

👉 If you want to build a meaningful business based on who you are (not what you do) - and learn the truth about what it really takes to make 6-7 figures+++ (No more B.S. or “get rich quick schemes” or quick fixes...pleassse!)...

Then, you are invited to join my free Facebook Group with soulful entrepreneurs like you who are ready to make an IMPACT.


The Purposely Famous Network is THE place to come together, mastermind and support each other while learning about what it takes to leave a legacy doing what meaningful work that you love.

I share my best stuff there first that is unlike anything else because I’ve been a celebrity talent scout and producer behind the scenes for hundreds of celebrities and public figures developing their careers.

And I’ve learned that they are no different than you and me, but they have access to insider strategies and a proven system to create their wealth, authority, and impact…

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The Purposely Famous Network is THE place to come together, mastermind and support each other while learning about what it takes to leave a legacy doing what meaningful work that you love.

I share my best stuff there first that is unlike anything else because I’ve been a celebrity talent scout and producer behind the scenes for hundreds of celebrities and public figures developing their careers.

And I’ve learned that they are no different than you and me, but they have access to insider strategies and a proven system to create their wealth, authority, and impact…

So I’m here to share this information with you so you have an advantage to reach your dreams too.

I’d love to meet you and speak to you directly in the FREE Live coaching sessions that I offer and help you live your Purposely Famous potential to the fullest!


1 years ago

Karin Roest

Are you a whiz at helping others but not so good at helping yourself?

Don't feel bad...it happens in Hollywood too!

So much to learn by example...

To let your guard down, show your vulnerability, and the pros and cons of speaking your truth and how you can stand strong in your beliefs, morals, and principles.

Yes, that all comes from celebrities but you can start making a bigger difference by doing the same too...even if no one knows who you are yet!

Please watch and share if you think anyone else you know will like this too!

Be bold to share the Purposely Famous Love! 💖💖💖
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1 years ago

Karin Roest


Disclaimer: I NEVER promise quick fixes or empty fame, but I'm very excited to share with you the ultimate #1 media strategy on the planet that will help you become a household name seemingly overnight.

Yes, I've been there as a witness, helping no name people all of a sudden reach the New York Times Bestseller list, get paid $10,000 per speech speaking fees, and have so many requests to be on TV they can't even take all of the gigs.

This is what I like to call reaching you Breakthrough point because from that point onwards, you're a household name so opportunities, money, and respect come to you easily.

No more chasing as people come to you, woohoo!

But how can you get there too? What do those people do that you haven't, what steps did they take, how did they start, and do they have doubts and fears along the way too?

I answer all of these questions plus more here.

Please watch and enjoy!
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Natasha Limberopoulou Natasha Limberopoulou Singer <3

I love how you bring up erasing childhood unmet needs and how they impact a business. So glad that you're sharing that message. It makes me so grateful to be in the field that we're in as the modality of therapy that we use to help couples is precisely with clearing those old relationship wounds!

when you talk about wanting to make a greater impact in the world i want to cry! :)

1 years ago

Karin Roest

What is it REALLY like when you're Famous?

So many people think it will be a burden...but I'm going to share with you why you'll be able to handle it, especially if you have a good PURPOSE along the way.

Please watch 🙂
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

It's another FAME WITHOUT FALLOUT video on Purposely Famous Friday!

So much to share...

This week comedian and actor Sasha Cohen punked some famous politicians into reading on camera some ridiculous gibberish lines...

And they didn't even notice!

How embarrassing.

I'll explain why that happened and how you can avoid having that happen to you too so you'll always get to the stage prepared and proper.


One tweet from this influencer made a young girl's dream come true...what if you were that powerful too?

Find out why talking about tough issues you struggle with, such as mental health or other vulnerable issues, are worth it.

Learn what not to do when you dish out criticism to someone else on social media and why you've gotta have a thick skin to be able to take the backlash!

And finally...

Do celebrities really have it better than you...even with their fame, money, and influence?

Please watch and share if you like this! I hope this helps you build your confidence, brand, and avoid the pitfalls that sometimes come along with being in the limelight.
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

HOW TO OVERCOME IMPOSTER SYNDROME...and let your true self-shine!

Last night with my Purposely Famous Academy mastermind call with my clients, the topic of getting stuck in "Imposter Syndrome" came up.

So I helped them KILL it so they can shine their lights brighter today with more authenticity, love, and impact.

I would like to pass on the same nuggets of wisdom with you too.

I am in contact with a lot of people...

And sadly MANY are stuck feeling like you have to look great on camera, have perfect hi-res photos for your brand, create a fancy website to make an impact...

But spending time, money, and energy on those things instead of focusing on what really matters:

Helping others solve THEIR problems...

You could wear a potato sack and still be a thought leader and make enough money to support yourself and give back to society.

I promise.

Please watch this and let's keep it SIMPLE and so you feel motivated to be the influencer you were born to be.
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Pretty interesting.

1 years ago

Karin Roest

So...Kylie Jenner's almost a BILLIONAIRE...

I know. I can't believe I said it either. But it's true...

What does that mean to you?

Please watch today's Fame without Fallout episode to find out!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

What you Need to Know To Conquer Limiting Beliefs (And how to become wildly successful instead!)

Call them limiting beliefs...

Or fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment...

Whatever it is that holds you back from reaching your fullest potential...

If any of these pesky annoyances dim your light when the world is waiting for you to shine...

I'll share with you the truth about what it takes to conquer your limiting beliefs, even if it seems impossible!

Please watch and take note!
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Limiting beliefs do come in layers that we are not aware of.

1 years ago

Karin Roest

Can you be as brave and confident as a Celebrity... Even if you haven't made it to the big stage yet?

It's Purposely Famous Friday!

Watch this Fame Without Fallout Video to hear celebrity gossip that helps you learn how to get more visibility and confidence and avoid the pitfalls that sometimes comes along with being in the limelight
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

HOW TO PITCH YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES LIKE A PRO (And get more Sales Without being too salesy!)

We've all had bad experiences where you've felt like you've been sold to like, the person didn't care about you but just wanted to a quick buck instead.

But oh how fast the tables can turn...

I know you have the heart to help people...

You have the best intentions...

But one wrong sentence, approach, or lack of sales conversation savvy can kill the perfect business relationship before it even starts.

I'll give you practical strategies on how to approach anyone so that they fall in love with you instead of questioning your intentions.

Please watch and take note 🙂
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Its Fame without Fallout Friday! Today I share some tips on how to write your own story and much more.

Please watch and enjoy!
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omg major breakthroughs from this video. Thank you.

1 years ago

Karin Roest


Please watch this to learn 3 STEPS TO BUILD CELEBRITY AUTHORITY (And stop limiting yourself from being "just" a coach!)
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I love that. Packaging your ideas to change lives for the better. Totally agree! <3


1 years ago

Karin Roest

It's Fame without Fallout Friday!

Today we will be talking about this weeks celebrity gossip and more!

Today's big question: How to protect your loved ones when you're famous?

Watch below to find out and SMILE because its Friday!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest


Today I launched my Purposely Famous weekly video TRAINING session where I give PRACTICAL & IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE advice that helps give your purposeful & profitable business an edge...woohoo!

Today I covered, How to get Clarity on your Messaging (the Purposely Famous Way).

This is the starting point for:

- Confidently sharing your most powerful messages with the world

- Building an audience that loves paying you (because if you're not clear, no one else will be either!)

- Learning the secret formula so you can merge your purpose, passions, skills, interests, and wisdom into one concise brand that makes you a household name and finally puts you on the map

Watch below to find out more!!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Fame without Fallout Friday! Episode #5

Sharing Celebrity Gossip to help YOU build your brand & business... and avoid the pitfalls that sometimes come along with being in the limelight

Who do you think taught us the best lessons from Hollywood this week?

Today we talk about mean tweets and more... Please enjoy!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Learn how to make 6-figures+ from having Authentic Conversations!

Don't buy into all of the complicated online marketing tactics & tools BEFORE mastering the art of having Authentic Conversations to grow your profits and impact. Watch this for more info!
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I feel like I’m great at connecting, but not great at leveraging those connections.. maybe you’re about to go into this 🙂

Yesss yay formula. Karin you also mention that these people then use sales copy/funnels after building the relationships in person but I rarely find one that feels authentic.. especially the high end webinars— it’s always riddled with sales tactics (normally this will be $3k, for those of you on this webinar, it’s $999. You can see the value is $13k.. but we want to help as many people as possible, make this accessible.. gotta act now. We have support online to help you. We can even teach you how to take out a PayPal loan”... I know you’ve seen these. Do you have an authentic example we can look to bychance?

When they ask you what programs you have after u asked if they want to hear... would i recommend one best fit then ask what they think before asking about the 2nd one that may fit them

1 years ago

Karin Roest

RIP Anthony Bourdain, you left a great legacy and much more! ... See MoreSee Less


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there's my girl!

1 years ago

Karin Roest

Create a customized roadmap to sucess!
Please watch if you want to discover the proven structure, roadmap, and framework to build a Purposeful & Profitable business
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

It's Purposely Famous Celebrity news...not just to gossip but to help you learn lessons on how to make a bigger impact from the most visible people in the world (i.e. Hollywood) and avoid the pitfalls of being in the limelight.

I also gave a BIG shoutout to our brave PF friends who shared their person story last week...and quoted one of them at the end so we ended on an inspirational note!

I'd like to keep giving these kinds of updates every Friday (aka official Purposely Famous Fridays!), let me know your thoughts...

Is this helpful?

Anything else you'd like to hear more or less of?

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Love you Karin ❤️ always 💯 value!

Thank you so much.

Soooo good and encouraging! Thank u so much for sharing! Even something u shared I always wanted to know and u touched on that and shared! 👏🏼

1 years ago

Karin Roest

Did Justin Bieber just confirm that you are Purposely Famous?

Today was a busy day at the Purposely Famous headquarters...

But I had to still share this news before the day ends...

I can't believe I'm quoting Justin Bieber (no judgment, just had never been into his music much), but he did say something brilliant yesterday:

"Don't be fooled thinking famous people have a better life than yours, I can promise you it's not!"

Whether you like him or not, he is a top influencer in the world.

Sounds like he's had to find this out the hard way so it's good to know, wherever you are in your journey now!

It's not just about the money or fame, but it certainly makes life easier if you have a positive message to share.

So it's better to respect those that have made it THEN quickly move on to get back to your hustle and grind and make it happen for you and your dreams.Did Justin Bieber confirm that you are Purposely Famous? Today was a busy day at the Purposely Famous headquarters... But I had to still share this news befo...
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

Are you into celebrity news and culture?

I am...but I have my limit.

Sometimes I watch for fun or entertainment, I can't help but notice celebrity trends and automatically relate it back to how non-celebrities can build their brand and business based off what they do.


Yesterday was the Met Gala where tons of A-LIST celebrities attend and strut their stuff.

Something was different this year though...

Instead of the most popular stand-out celebrities bringing a date (only those wearing non-stand-out clothing brought personal dates), they brought the designer who designed their outfit for them.

That is a very clever way to show support to each other, but also promote each other as well. They gave credit where credit was due.

Anna Wintour definitely knew what she was doing!

For you in your business, if you are grateful for the people who help you...share it loud and proud!

This is not only a way to give credit where credit is due in your world to those who help you, but indirectly allows you to promote yourself too.

Just don't overdue it with the self-promotion when you're giving credit to others, as it'll come across as inauthentic.

Maybe you've seen it as I have too:

- Someone gives you a testimonial but talks mostly about themselves or their products or services.

- You have an agreement to help pitch their services to help you but end up pitching yours.

It's much more powerful to spread the word about the people you admire in a TOTALLY authentic way and the viewers will be more drawn to you for that.

Is this helpful? I have tons more tips like these...I'd love to share more if they are!
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Are you into celebrity news and culture?

I am...but I have my limit.

Sometimes I watch for fun or entertainment, I cant help but notice celebrity trends and automatically relate it back to how non-celebrities can build their brand and business based off what they do.


Yesterday was the Met Gala where tons of A-LIST celebrities attend and strut their stuff.

Something was different this year though...

Instead of the most popular stand-out celebrities bringing a date (only those wearing non-stand-out clothing brought personal dates), they brought the designer who designed their outfit for them.

That is a very clever way to show support to each other, but also promote each other as well. They gave credit where credit was due.

Anna Wintour definitely knew what she was doing!

For you in your business, if you are grateful for the people who help you...share it loud and proud!

This is not only a way to give credit where credit is due in your world to those who help you, but indirectly allows you to promote yourself too.

Just dont overdue it with the self-promotion when youre giving credit to others, as itll come across as inauthentic.

Maybe youve seen it as I have too:

- Someone gives you a testimonial but talks mostly about themselves or their products or services.

- You have an agreement to help pitch their services to help you but end up pitching yours.

Its much more powerful to spread the word about the people you admire in a TOTALLY authentic way and the viewers will be more drawn to you for that.

Is this helpful? I have tons more tips like these...Id love to share more if they are!


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Great and clever advice. Thanks for that


1 years ago

Karin Roest

Last week in my Academy, we did a 5-day video challenge and your highly esteemed members rocked it!

A few even posted their videos in our network here so please check them out.

Just think...more amazing people like you sharing their wisdom to their own networks, their friends', mine, and more spreads so much more purposeful and positive energy in the world...yeah!

So...the next step to keep on movin' up would be to try "batching."

We do this with a celebrity when they do press and media interviews. Check it out here and keep on speaking out loud and proud!

Also, I'm finding out that some of you haven't seen my free Master Class yet "What I learned from working with the top 1% of the Rich and Famous" - so I highly recommend to check it out here, it's full of lots of good stuff to keep you inspired over the weekend!
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

I'm excited to share my "secret" formula to network with influencers...

It's not rocket science...

And I had to boil down the elements into easy to follow steps because I used to make super embarrassing mistakes when connecting with people who were more influential than I was.

I was too forward or pushy, too timid or didn't know how to close a deal or deliver the work.

But not anymore...

This formula will help you too! Enjoy.

If you haven't joined us in the Purposely Famous Network Facebook group yet, please come on ova!

www.facebook.com/groups/PurposelyFamousNetwork/I'm revealing my "secret" formula that helps you build relationships with influencers... Hint: It's more than just one thing (that's why it's a formula) and ...
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Great guiding

1 years ago

Karin Roest


Oprah does it. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen does it. Many other successful influencers, millionaires, and billionaires around the world allegedly do it every day, too. And if you haven’t plastered photos of it all over every social media platform or downloaded the latest meditation app, you almost feel left out!

Ok, maybe that’s just me. (DISCLAIMER: Guilty👏 As👏 Charged👏) Here’s my own “Meditation’s Greatest Hits” compilation, in which I spend 130 days meditating...in public. I’ll explain later the REAL reason behind why I did this because it was definitely NOT to show off or be fake.

That brings us to the bigger question: Do you really need to meditate EVERY DAY? Does it help you to have more success in your business? To make more money? To find love and to keep it? To feel less stressed in the face of deadlines, time constraints, and that feeling of being undervalued by the people around you? Take it from me, someone who sat in silence for an entire year (ok, 99% of the year, because it was really hard...)


Here’s my honest perspective about daily meditation as someone who integrated back into the “real world” - aka not in a monastery. The truth is, I don’t meditate every day anymore. Nope. Not gonna do it. I go through phases. It helps, then it doesn’t, then it does. Sometimes I like it, then I don’t. I’ve seen firsthand that there are MANY paths to reaching the same end - one of complete fulfillment, peace of mind, and happiness. And they ALL work. Today, it might be meditation. Tomorrow, it might be exercise. You could invest in a coach, a therapist, or a healer - they all help tons, too. Or reading Letting Go by David Hawkins - FABULOUS book.

It’s much better to focus on knowing WHEN you’re stuck in negative thoughts - doubt, self-sabotage, shame, guilt, and anger to name a few, then taking immediate action to release them. Are you aware of when you’re down AND taking action to do something about it, without hesitation? And by “action” that could mean doing absolutely nothing…aka MEDITATION. The worst thing you can do is just sit there, convinced that binge-watching Netflix or going on a chocolate cake bender is the solution. No judgment, I’ve done BOTH these things before (I told you that I’d be honest)!

But, I don’t do them anymore. I know my life purpose now and meditation played an ENORMOUS role in helping me find it. So, as a super-fan of meditation for the greater good, let me share with you the absolute #1 reason why you SHOULD meditate:

It’s an intense inner boot camp. You’re probably not spending most of your day sitting with your eyes closed. BUT, never forget that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you can learn how to control and compartmentalize your inner world, the outer world will ALWAYS work in your favor. A.L.W.A.Y.S. Because it’s not about things getting easier. NEWSFLASH: Life never gets easier. There will always be more things to do, more bills to pay, more distractions that stress you out or that eat up your precious time. But, once you learn how to HANDLE it all with ease and grace, EVERYTHING will fall into place because YOU DID THE INNER WORK first.

When you sit with your eyes closed in meditation and make a commitment to stop reacting to your thoughts or move impulsively, it becomes a training ground for learning how to WAIT AND THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. If you can do this in meditation, you’ll be able to react less to your negative thoughts and impulsive motives in daily life, too. You’ll be able to take back control and power over your life on your own terms instead of being dragged along by the scripts the wrong people or society wrote for you.

And let’s get real. If you have reoccurring setbacks and emotional roadblocks that keep coming up, MEDITATE. DAILY. UNTIL THEY ARE GONE. Then you can stop (if you want). There is a time and a place to meditate daily, and that calls for drastic measures, so go for it! The discipline will do you wonders. You’ll stop spinning in circles. But, you’ve got to slow your roll on the inside first. Make sense?

Thanks so much for reading, it’s fun sharing this kind of stuff with you 🙂I've learned so much about myself, the world, other people, and even animals (as you'll see in the video!) from pushing out of my comfort zone to sit for a m...
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

I am the biggest fan of having a great brand … but not when it works against you.

I love the brands that have succinct copy that hits you in your heart and soul. So much that you can’t help but love buying from them.

Their design, logos, colors and images make you feel safe, empowered, and warm.

But it’s also a myth that you need all of those things perfectly done and packaged before you can make a same kind of impact that a great brand can make.

Because the bottom line is that people want their problems solved, and for you to see who they are on a deeper level than the norm.

And your ability to do this requires nothing more than you.

So, if you:

Don’t have the time, money or resources to create the fancy bells and whistles for brand …

If you prefer to be more no-frills, and more “let’s just go out and help people NOW” …

If you like being a minimalist, behind the scenes, or discreet …

If you’re focused on sustainability and money maintaining, long-term impact and profit …

Then I suggest forgetting about bending over backwards to create the perfect brand for the short-term. Start focusing on SERVING and HELPING people instead.

Why? Because the perfect brand is you.

It’s your wisdom, skills, purpose, and contribution to the planet. And you can start by sharing these things with people in a simple conversation. Ask them…

What are you problems, struggles, and challenges?
What are your dreams, hopes, and aspirations?
Why do you not have everything you want yet?

It’s much better to connect deeply with 1 person than with 100 who “like” your Facebook post for a nano-second.

I see way too many people out there trying to look as fancy as the already established Jack Canfields, Marie Forleos, Lewis Howes, and Tony Robbins’ of the world.

Don’t get me wrong – these people have fantastic branding. But they did not when they first started out.

Like everyone else, it took them years to make the profit and loyal following. Long before they could put all the fancy colors and packaging together.

Here’s my advice to entrepreneurs who are striving to develop the perfect branding.

Forget creating fancy memes that don’t get a lot of likes or comments. Share in-depth valuable content that really grabs people’s attention instead.

Forget making fancy videos with edited intros, outros, and subtitles and just pull out your phone and record it on there. Upload it directly to social media.

Forget comparing yourself to other people who already spent years behind the scenes building their following from scratch. AKA every role model you see in the spotlight. Focus on listening and genuinely helping people instead.

I know tons of people who make a lot of money, they don’t have a website, they don’t post on social media, but they know EVERY influencer behind the scenes.

But since they focus on building deeper, meaningful relationships, they don’t even have to look for clients. Word gets around that they actually care about people, and that sends out tiny dopamine hits to the right people who need it.

Could they make a bigger impact if they did have a website and post on social media more?


In the end, it’s your choice...but at least you have a choice if your foundation is built on solid relationships first.

Even for me, I’ll admit that my own branding is not perfect. Sometimes I use fonts and letterhead that don’t match. And not every webpage has a sustained design.

But I’ve still been able to run a profitable business. By helping ordinary people create a customized path to make an extraordinary impact.
I did this without any social media following. I did not invest in paid marketing for four years.

Don’t get caught up in the rat race, or else you’ll always be left behind in crumbs.

Be confident that you are capable of helping people now. Get the right guidance from someone else who can see who you are and give you the nudge to get out there right now. Not later.

And I’m curious...are you ready to go out and help people as you are, just being you, right now? Or do you feel like you need more clarity or confidence before doing so?
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WOW!!! You are freaking awesome!!!!

1 years ago

Karin Roest

When I refer to reaching your “big BREAKTHROUGH point” in your business, I’m referring to a time in the future when you’re so well-known as an authority that amazing opportunities and influencers come to you (no more chasing, yeah!).

However, I get really frustrated when I hear people say, “all you need to do is THIS one thing for your business and you’ll start making millions, reaching millions, and feel completely happy with yourself!’
The truth is, there is NO such shortcut to building a solid business.
Business and success come in different phases and stages.

And you’ll have to deal with many moving parts...

I’m not saying you have to MASTER all of them before you can be successful.

But you WILL have to develop your skills and mindset in multiple areas if you’re serious about making an impact and earning big profits to match.

That way, you’ll be ready for eve more greatness that comes AFTER reaching your big breakthrough point and be able to handle it properly.

Now instead of giving you some magic solution (unlike so many others that promise that falsely!)...

Let me share with you 5 steps you need to focus on that will REALISTICALLY help you get further in your business and prepare you for your big break.

Building a strong foundation is key, so first of all:

1. You need to know who you are and who you serve
YOU have to decide what you want to be KNOWN for, or else other people (aka the wrong ones) will decide it for you.

And that sucks.

Once you are crystal clear on who you are and how YOU want to be serving the world, everything you do will align with ease and you’re confidence will skyrocket.

This kind of clarity takes effort, and with the right guidance it’s something that you can establish quickly with a proven, tangible system to follow, such as in the Purposely Famous Academy.

2. Help a small number of people on a DEEP level first

Forget about helping the masses for now...that comes later, so more about that in a moment), or making fun memes or videos that only our mom and dog reads, lol.

Share your wisdom and gifts with people that appreciate you and see that you can help them...

AKA Your own personal Tribe.

Talk to them.

Ask them questions.


Then make your own conclusion about what THEY need and how YOU can help them solve their problems in the best way you possibly can.

3. Master the money game


Maybe you have some, maybe you don’t.

Maybe you inherited some, or worked really hard for it.

Maybe you still need some time to figure it out how to get some.

The truth is, if you want to help a lot of people, you’ll have to reinvest in yourself and your business in order to have resources needed to do what you love to do....

And you’ll need to be able to afford it.

The best strategy here is to master the money game...so you can “play” with the “big boys,” the people who have already made their millions and influence.

So focus on turning your gifts and wisdom into passive income streams, such as into books, courses, workshops, and products.

Your wisdom is the strongest weapon you have to become an equal to those who are more influential than you are.

Passive income allows you to spread it to an unlimited number of people, make an unlimited amount of money, and finally have the free time to stay innovative and stress-free.

4. Replicate and duplicate your impact to the Masses

Moving on from your small Tribe you can upgrade to replicate your success and impact with the Masses!

This is a logical and tangible process to build a movement to start reaching hundreds or even thousands or millions of people.

The Masses wants transformation and a new perspective on life, and only rarely to buy something.

Share the stuff that counts - your thoughts, ideas, and challenge the status quo - because this is where Thought Leadership starts and counts the most, and watch the people come to you in droves for all the right reasons.

5. Bulletproof your Mindset with your Core Values

You might think that being more productive, managing your time and becoming more organized are tactical things.

Perhaps on the outside, but if you’re not mastering the concepts of these things INSIDE your mind, you’ll never reach your goals.

This FEELING of overwhelm while you have a business to run, a family to take care of…

All boils down at the core to mastering your mindset FIRST.

You need to be able to stand in the eye of the storm, while staying calm, cool and collected...

And learn how to manage all of it with grace and ease.
These 5 steps are things that you can practice to become better in, because it’s never just “one thing.”

And at the end of the day, it’s about so much more than mastering a few key steps.

This is about buckling down to do what it takes to live a better life…

To create better opportunities for yourself and your loved ones…

And settling for MORE freedom that you deserve along the way.

So...which step are you the most masterful at or which do you struggle with the most? For me, it used to be my mindset...the glass was half empty but not it's always half full 🙂
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1 years ago

Karin Roest

I remember the time I got my first coaching client...by accident. I was on the phone with a call center, trying to get my computer fixed. The technician helping me asked what I did for a living. I proudly said, “I help people reach their dreams…” Then let my voice trail off.

If you know anything about pitches, that’s the most cliche pitch I’ve ever heard of, even ‘til this day, lol. Although it’s what I wanted to do in my heart...it’s vague and super “woo-woohey.”

And I had two weeks left to finish my coaching certification program, so wasn’t even an official coach yet. I didn’t know how to present what I did yet or who my “Tribe” was, I was a rookie in the transformational world.
But I tried. That was enough.

The girl on the phone sighed and the floodgates opened.
“I hate my job,” she said.
I sighed in empathy for her.
I told her about the time I got fired from my “supposed” dream jobs (yes, twice in fact...I share about it here).
AKA - Yep, it sucks to do work that you don’t love, right?

So I asked her, “What is your dream job if you could do anything you want?”
She said, “I want to be a probation officer for felons.”
I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth next, but I said, “I can help you do that.”

Oh shit.

Did I mention that this girl was a super sweet, 5 feet tall petite, I-don’t-have-an-ounce-of- bad-in-me-but-please-help-me-supervise-the-worst-criminals-in-our-country type of girl?
Then, she said, “I have to pass an advanced math class to get the job. By the way, I failed math back when I was in school.”
Once again, I opened my big mouth. “I can help you pass that too.”

Double shit.

Did I mention that I’ve sucked at math my entire life...and still do? (I wish the Asian stereotype of being good at math applied to me, but it doesn’t!) By the end of the phone call, I had my first client. The next day, she quit her job. She paid me.
I was sweating bullets.

Fast forward three months later: She passed the math test. She got the job. My confidence was boosted. I was unstoppable. And I still suck a math.

Fast forward 5 years later:

Today I’m VERY clear on who my Tribe is: I help ordinary people create a customized path so that can reach their extraordinary dreams.
In my career as a talent agent for high profile public figures and celebrities, I was a pro at helping other people find their Tribe.

But when it came to finding my own Tribe based on my purpose and essence, I had blind spots.
I wish I would have had a mentor to help me figure this out faster.

If you had a mentor helping you find yours too, you’ll finally be able to live your passion and dreams faster too.
That’s why I’m going to share 3 tips that will help you find your Tribe and ease your mind that they are still out there waiting for you (don’t give up hope yet!).

But first, as you can see, you don’t need to know who your exact Tribe is when you’re just starting out in business....
Nor to get paid for someone that needs your help.

Since you have so many different skills, talents, passions, and interests, you will always be able to help more than one group of people.
That is a good thing.

But it can be confusing, especially pinpointing that group of people who love you and love paying you to change their life for the better.

Staying confused is NOT an option for you though.
It’ll keep you staying small forever. You’re better than that.
You know you are...and I do too.

So here are the 3 tips:
1. Be a problem solver...for anything: Just like I figured out that I can help someone with problems that don’t even relate to me, you can do the same. When you’re not clear on your perfect avatar yet, use your intelligence, intuition, and critical thinking skills to solve anyone’s problems that come your way. Charge them for it and they’ll be more committed to get results.

2. Brainstorm: Take out a piece of paper and write out EVERY type of group you’d like to help. Don’t leave anyone out. Add corporations, governments, schools, non-profits, investors, and sponsors...because no matter what final Tribe you focus on in the future, you’ll eventually connect to these if your strategic to make a big impact. Feel good knowing that you have abilities to help so many different people. One day, with the right guidance to put it all in order, you’ll be able to help them all.

3. Pick one to focus on first: Who do you enjoy working with the most AND who can pay you your highest rates? It’s easier to get a small number of clients who pay you premium rates. Save the masses - a large number of people who pay small fees - for later.

In a world with 7 billion people in it, accept the fact that the RIGHT people are thirsty for your help.

Yes, it’s a FACT.Confusion is just an excuse.

If you are truly committed to serve the world at the higher level, then GET HELP to clarify this important element in your business NOW.

And the truth is, it’s NOT cringe worthy to help people reach their dreams. That’s what I do...and you do to.

But if you want to make a bigger impact...getting help to clarify who you serve will accelerate your progress 10x faster than trying to figure this out on your own.

There are so many moving parts to run a profitable and purposeful business. This is one of the first steps that you need to take to build your confidence and to make you feel good about making money while helping people reach their dreams.

So...who's your Tribe and what gets you fired up to help them? Or if you can't find them or connect with them...let me know and I'll help you nail this!
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Karin Roest

We all need someone in our corner.

Someone who has a vested interest in your success. Someone who believes in you. Someone who sees your potential.

Call them a coach. A guru. Or a mentor. It’s not the name that matters. It’s the effect.

For me, it was my first boss after college. A big hot shot Hollywood producer who gave a small town Idaho girl like me a chance.

When I told him I didn’t know how to organize a press conference, he said, “Yes, you do.”

When I told him I didn’t know how to negotiate a multi-million dollar contract, he said, “Yes, you can.”

When I didn’t feel good enough to talk to a fancy-schmancy celebrity (In the beginning, I never felt like was good enough!), he said, “Yes, you are.”

He’d give me more guidance and encouragement each time.

My responsibilities in my job increased. The stakes got higher.

Every time I said, “I can’t,” he’d say, “Yes, you can.”

I didn’t believe in myself back then...but he did.

If it weren’t for him, I would not have been able to travel the world, work and hang out with top influencers, and start my own talent agency five years after working with him.

I wouldn’t be emailing you from a place of confidence and authority to tell you that YOU can do whatever you want too.

Until you get to the point that you FULLY believe in yourself, you need other people who believe in you and really see who you are.

Every successful person on the planet always says the same thing, from Aristotle, to Presidents of countries, to Bill Gates and Oprah: That they had someone in their life who really saw who they were and told them, “Yes, you can.”

And I’d like to be that person for you.

You see, since I am a professionally trained celebrity talent scout...my greatest gift is to see your potential.

It’s my proudest attribute.

I learned the hard way though, that it isn’t about just seeing how to monetize your gifts in the business world.

After spending the year in silence at the monastery, I realized you need someone to see you in relation to your deeper purpose in life too.

So with me, you get the best of both worlds: My professional opinion based off knowing the trajectories of hundreds of successful influencers and what you need to do to rise to that level + how to live a purposeful life at the same time.

In case you’re wondering: What do I look for when I see new talent or as business coach in the entrepreneurial world? Here are a few things:

Purpose: As the creator of Purposely Famous, no surprise, right! In my world, the foundation of everything you do should be something meaningful, aka executed with purpose.

An “I’ll never give up attitude:” I’ve got to know that you’ll never give up trying to reach your goals and that you’ll never settle for less.

Competency: I don’t need you to know it all, nor be the best at it. Ironically, being adequate now is enough if you are open to learning, growing, and being coachable as you go.

Belief in the impossible: Reaching your fullest potential, making millions of dollars, and impacting millions of people are not logical nor common achievements. But it’s possible. You must believe in yourself or trust my belief in you to achieve the impossible in the meantime.

As a foundation, that’s a start.

It’s not rocket science, right?

It’s not about being the most talented, smartest, or the most beautiful in the room.

The foundation of your success is that simple.

Trust me, I know because we all have blind spots.

So tell me this:

How long have you been undervaluing yourself...putting up with too much B.S. from your boss, co-workers, or the ungrateful clients? How much money have you missed out on because you’re underpaid and overworked? What opportunities have you walked away from because you “weren’t ready?”

When you have self worth and someone who believes in you to move past these obstacles (If you could overcome then on your own, you would have already right?), you can literally move mountains.

It is amazing to know someone’s got your back as you start reaching your goals one by one...from becoming your own boss to traveling around the world to reaching your financial goals to hanging out with influencers as if you’re one of them.

I’ve achieved these things, and it’s awesome.

This makes all the difference between success and failure.

It did for me.

It will for you too.

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Karin Roest

If Mother Teresa had been on the hit TV show called Shark Tank…

I bet she would have been a “shark.”

And negotiated to get a gazillion dollars in funding to build schools and orphanages around the world.

Or if it had been Gandhi marching for world peace, Bill Gates fighting to eliminate malaria, Malala speaking out for education…

Anyone with a good purpose would fight for their causes relentlessly as if vying for the best spots on QVC.

I’m not diminishing the value of good work by comparing it to the latest online shopping gadget, but there is a valuable lesson about money to learn here.


I get asked this all the time. And to be honest, it’s a fair question.

So first, let’s put this into perspective:

It costs a lot of money to impact a lot of people...whether it goes into your bank account or not.

A good way of thinking about this is that there will always be an exchange of money and you are the facilitator of it.

You can keep the cash or donate it.

The choice is yours.

If you’re like me, you’d help people for free. You do it because it feels good and you really have a good heart to help those in need.

But in today’s modern world…

And as much as I support completely altruistic endeavors…

Most people cannot afford to live off the land and give all of their money to other people.

Just being honest.

The struggle is real…

Bills need to be paid. Mortgage payments don’t grow on trees. College tuition is not getting cheaper.

So unless you’re a priest (or most religious leaders where the institution pays your bills), a trust fund baby, or the (VERY SMALL) minority who naturally earns a ton of money or gets donations easily…

And acknowledging that in today’s world, people tend to value what they pay for (um, I think you’d take much better care of a Ferrari versus an old beat up Volkswagen)...

Then give yourself permission to earn enough money to reach all of your dreams and still give back to society. Do both.


The solution is to focus on building your authority instead.

Let’s recognize the fact that 1% of the population has 99% of the entire world’s wealth, so every time you say “I don’t care about money!” or “I’m gonna do this for free!...”

...You just helped that wealthy 1% of the population put more money into their pockets instead of having that go into yours or those who really need it.

This is why I always encourage my clients to start out by charging premium prices for their services.

If one coach can get paid $10,000 per client, why can’t you?

Aren’t you as good as they are?

Isn’t your wisdom just as valuable as theirs?

I love our camaraderie in the Purposely Famous Academy...recently in one of our group calls, one client shared his vast experience in helping clients write their books.

He has raving reviews. He’s an expert. We all saw it.

He was only charging clients $200 for his services.

Everyone on the call piped in as they saw how much he’s been undervaluing himself and told him, “You need to charge $25,000 per client from now on!”

So he is.

And guess what: Those high-paying clients will be way more committed and get better results. Because no one wants to throw away $25,000.



First, I applaud you.

We live in an expensive world and it’s noble to dedicate your time to spread goodwill on the planet.

But you’re still going to need to understand what it takes to get donations from the business world and hard-working people in the office, so your task to get money is not very different.

But you cannot escape the money game.

And some of the highest paid Thought Leaders that I’ve worked with have been philanthropists, educators, and visionaries.

They got paid WAY more than the executives and tech experts.

So you don’t have to settle for less or a lower paycheck, even in philanthropy.


My point is to build your authority and name as a leader and the money will come to you either way. If you missed how to build your authority by borrowing it from other people, click here.

Altruistic leaders don’t join the spotlight for themselves. But they didn’t refuse it either.

It’s not about your ego (you should always be modest), but owning the value you bring to the world builds trust and credibility with those who don’t know you.

So whatever you decide...YES, it takes a lot of money to impact a lot of people. It always will.

Show your authority and learn the ins and outs about what it takes to play with the “big boys” in the money world and the whole world will be a better place for it.

youtu.be/DatEs5K6qCAWant to know the 7 Reasons why the world needs you to be famous? Go to www.PurposelyFamous.com
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Karin Roest

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Karin Roest

DON'T base decisions on your strengths, do this instead...

We’re always taught to identify our strengths, and to hone them. I know I’ve been told hundreds of times to focus on what I am good at, and ignore the rest.

And when you go to launch your own businesses, you’re often told the same thing. In fact, you’re even taught to to “outsource” your weakest points to others.

But this is NOT correct and you’ll keep you falling short from reaching your goals for a LONG TIME if you do this.

On a surface level, this makes a lot of sense. It’s the “safe route,” shall we say. By focusing on what we know that we are good at, it might seem like you’re lowering the risk of failure.

But when you only focus on your strengths, you’re actually limiting yourself. You’ll end up always being the same.

Case in point that proves this: I remember the exact moment that I decided to stop expressing myself. To suppress my voice. To never speak out again.

It was the 3rd grade.

The teacher called on me to answer a question.

I answered.

She couldn’t hear me.

All of my classmates stared at me.

My face turned red.

I yelled out the answer again.

The teacher still couldn’t hear me.

There were more stares...50 eyeballs in the room all pointed at me.

I wanted to sink into my chair.

“Why couldn’t they hear me?” I thought. I spoke out in my loudest voice.

“I guess my voice isn’t loud enough. Not good enough. Not valuable enough.”

So I stopped speaking out.

I stopped standing out.

I stopped answering questions.

I made a decision that my strength was not to speak out...ever again.

It worked...but that also meant I never developed my ability to speak out and be heard...and to be valued.

But this is not a pity party.

The fact that I’m writing to you and have made a special video about this for you about this is a REALLY big deal. It’s never too late to develop your hidden strengths.

Because I know you have great wisdom to share with the world too.

Maybe for you, it’s something else.

What have you suppressed because a teacher, classmate, parent, sibling, TV show, movie or advertisement gave you the impression that you can’t do?

Perhaps your soul was calling out for something vastly different...but you didn’t know how to stand up for your gut at the time.
It’s ok. It’s not too late.

What if the whole point of life is to not just wake up and “magically” have a strength but instead you need trials, errors, rejections, and mistakes to push you beyond your comfort zone to fully develop your most valuable INNER magic?

Another case in points: I’ve taken a ton of personality tests over the years, and hated the results.

Sure, it’s great to be “accountable” and “responsible” as the results told me I was...but that was because I WAS PLAYING IT WAY TOO SAFE.

But here’s something that they typically don’t take into consideration:

Certain events and things shape our character and decisions but are not always reflective of who you are in terms of your essence, or our purpose.

So how about this instead:

Choose WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME...and spend your time, energy, and focus on BECOMING THAT PERSON.

Are you a visionary? Thought Leader? Creator? Innovator? Motivator? Adventurous?

Base your life around who you want to be and you can never go wrong.

In fact, that is exactly how to make the RIGHT opportunities and people come to you...because others secretly aspire to be those same bold things too.

I want you to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER AND make that decision for yourself.

I want YOU to find that freedom as well.

youtu.be/h0pDXCUi_F0We’re always taught to identify our strengths, and to hone them. I know I’ve been told hundreds of times to focus on what I am good at, and ignore the rest. ...
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Karin Roest

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